IMG_7531 I wanted to include this image of this little lad and his mum in tonight’s blog entry; because it made me laugh.

I took the shot over at Chichester where I had been walking quite close behind the pair just shortly before they both went into one of the local shops which were that day having a big sale.

Anyway, I just carried on past them and because it was still relatively early I decided to cross over the street and buy a coffee to take away with me. As I was just about to take a sip I saw again this mother and her son; only this time they were both leaving the store and heading back up towards me only on the pavement opposite me. It looked amusing to me because having now purchased her sale item in the form of this rather large box; his mpther had then wedged it firmly down the back of his buggy effectively cancelling any way for the little boy to actually now see her to enable eye contact.

I quickly dived across the street and standing inside one of the shop doorways I made some swift alterations to  my camera settings; before snapping this image.

The little boy you can see in the buggy was still chattering on ten to the dozen when i clicked the shutter; although every now and again he would suddenly stop; and attempt to turn himself around in his seat. He would then try to check if his mum (now well concealed by this rather large box) was actually listening to him or not!

I felt for her though; because she would then have to either peer over the top of this package in order to see her son and to reassure him or lean forward and look around the side of the box to try and engage with him.

This was one proper little chatterbox in every sense of the word!


IMG_6317 Well now; Sunday sure comes round fast these days; and so here in my next family blog entry featuring our Megan; or Meg Mog as we all affectionately now know her!

Well actually that’s not completely accurate if I’m being honest with you! Her full title is’Meg Mog the little tiny frog’ (don’t even ask how we all came up with that one?)

Megan is now aged 7 and is at heart a real princess but would give almost anything to become a mermaid! She is the second eldest of our grandchildren and is a very sensitive and often hilariously funny little girl.

At this age though and despite appearances; toilet humour abounds! So anything relating to this topic immediately causes her to repeat what she has just heard ‘ad infinitum’ usually followed with her rolling around with her sister and brother in peels of laughter.

She is very creative child and is doing brilliantly well at her school. She is a gymnast a graded swimmer and a dedicated martial artist.

The image above was taken on the ‘vivid’ setting on my camera as she was sitting quietly in our garden and reading her Nan’s book on garden plants.

Yet another thing that seems to have taken her interest and stimulated her imagination.

This then is our Megan! And she like all of the kids…is loved unconditionally!

‘Stepping Out’

IMG_6483Been a bit of a hectic these last couple of days for me and I didn’t even manage to get out with the camera… not even once!

You see my sister in law is over here from Vancouver for one whole month and so we had a really early morning drive over to ‘Airwick Gatport’ as we affectionately call it to meet and greet her.

I will venture to share with you all though; that to compensate for this minor inconvenience I was presented with a litre bottle of 12 year old Balvenie malt whisky by our Carol for my trouble.

So you know what everybody? Life ain’t all that bad now is it?

To add one more issue into the mix though; I am currently looking to purchase a camper-van… and so then spent many hours reading and researching and viewing the various models available.

So in one way or another it has all been a bit of a blur for me ( that was without having partaken in any whisky tasting!) Then of course we are now all at various stages of tiredness! What with with Carol’s jet lag and our seemingly never-ending search for the perfect vehicle.

However, the happy family in today’s blog entry were in contrast quite harmonious towards one another. It almost looked like they were actually enjoying themselves?

Well at least the dad and his future son in law certainly seemed to be? Not too sure about the mum and daughter though if I’m being honest with you?

Anyway I really liked the fact that they were all walking through the high steet in this synchronised manner; each one in step with the other.

So I hope you are equally having a happy and stress free weekend; wherever you are, and whatever it is you happen to be doing?

It’s back to the hunt for this van for me! Now then…how far is Solihull form Portsmouth I wonder?

Happy Saturday everyone!

‘Old School’

IMG_4223 Over at one of my favourite haunts and I spotted this elderly lady striding purposefully out across the road.

The lighting was interesting and the shadows more pronounced. Although I wasn’t really sure if the image in my viewfinder was going to transfer quite so well?

However, it didn’t look all that bad once I had returned home and edited it slightly? Well at least I thought so anyway.

I have seen this lady before on my travels through Chichester and she always strikes me as a very strong and independent individual? One who would take no-nonsense?

That walking cane though; the one which she vigorously strikes on the road ahead of her; seems almost superfluous to her needs? Indeed it’s more like a prop or even a fashion statement?

I only say this because she always walks in such a confident and robust manner. Unless of course it is like a placebo and allows her to feel more confident knowing she has it to hand?

I bet though that despite my assumptions; if she were a grandma then she would definitely be the sort who spoils her grandchildren rotten? One whose outward appearance masks a warm and a very gentle demeanour?

After all initial appearances can be very deceptive now can’t they?

I say this because in honesty; for one brief moment I had thought of this fine lady as reminding me of a modern day version ‘Wicked witch of the West’ perhaps heading towards her bicycle; that one with the bent handlebars and the baker’s basket placed at the rear; grimacing… “I’ll get you and your little dog too” followed by the obligatory sounds of maniacal laughter?

No offence intended of course! That was just me being brutally honest with you all as to how I had initially interpreted this capture!

‘Swan Lake?’

IMG_5930 We were over on the seafront the other day and had just enjoyed a cuppa and a snack at the new ‘Cafe on the beach’ and we decided that we might stroll over to Canoe lake which for the purposes of today’s image has been re-titled ‘Swan Lake’

As you can see the lake offers people down there the opportunity to rent out their peddle boats and these are designed into the shape of either swans (as in the image above) or the often more popular ducks.

Bank Holiday’s here always sees the lake and the surrounding parks and gardens very busy; particularly when the weather is warm. Visiting families all seem to enjoy the atmosphere down here taking full advantage of the free butterfly museum and the many various children’s activities which are on offer.

Anyway; as I was taking in these surroundings and looking for a photographic opportunity to capture; I noticed these two swan boats in shot slowly approaching each other through the water.

I quickly raised the camera and tried to assess where I thought the boats would cross so that I might get an image with the curves of the swans necks interlinked forming a heart shape?

I was quite pleased with the end result. Because It’s very important I feed the more romantic and creative side to my nature you see??

Yes you might well laugh; but I can be very romantic in my own way you know?. You just ask my missus.  I am convinced that she would be the first to confirm this for you?

(Or not!…as the case may be)

Well that’s my excuse anyway…and I am sticking to it!

Besides; had I taken a similar shot but then chosen to capture the other peddle boats I mentioned previously; I somehow don’t think that ‘Duck Lake’ sounds quite so romantic; what do you think?