IMG_5309Albion Beach on a Friday evening. Families all gather and bring food.

They play music and they sing songs; they share quality time together and they involve all age groups.

Everybody looks out for one another and the children all play safely enjoying the long summers evenings. People here in Mauritius share a mutual respect for one another; and there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere generated as a result.

Life can be so pleasurable!

‘Lovely View?’

L1080634 Now often when I take a walk along the promenade down here in Southsea; I frequently see people sitting there in their cars either reading their books or their newspapers. Others are snoozing with the radio on; and some have binoculars which they stick out of their car window presumably to admire the fascinating views on offer?

However, this particular scenario was a first for me.

Firstly I watched as this couple removed these folding chairs from the boot of their vehicle and then grabbed themselves a newspaper each.

Ah I thought to myself…no doubt they are going to pitch themselves up on the pebble beach here and soak up the atmosphere admiring the ever changing scene presented before them; whilst of course maybe catching up on what their newspapers had to say in between?

But no! They assembled the chairs and promptly placed them to face the opposite way entirely therefore missing anything which was going on behind them in the busy shipping lanes and the entrance to Portsmouth harbour?

And there they remained both with their glasses on completely content and obviously lost in their reading.

Maybe it’s just me?

But it just seems strange that people would drive all the way down to one of the most visually interesting and attractive locations on our seafront; pay the parking fees; grab their folding chairs and newspapers then pitch up so that they completely forfeit the primary reason that most people would usually come down here for in the first place?

But ‘Hey Ho’ I’m only saying!


IMG_4179 I had noticed this young lad and his dog on a couple of occasions before when I had been over at Chichester.

It was interesting to observe how differently people reacted on seeing these two approaching them.

For some there was no reaction whilst for others they were given a wide berth. In a couple of cases just their presence made some people; particularly those with youngsters; act in an almost extreme and hyper cautious manner?

Of course to some extent judging by what we regularly see and read in our daily newspapers this is completely understandable.

Often people see a young lad like this strutting confidently through the town centre. His hood pulled down covering his eyes and with a ‘Staffie’ walking obediently by his side.

It is this image which can cause some to initially stereo-type them?

Fortunately for me though after I had taken this shot I saw them again later on that afternoon; the guy was just sitting relaxing on a bench and his dog sitting quietly alongside him.

I stopped and asked if it was okay for me to stroke his dog? He immediately smiled and nodded me his permission. “He is a very friendly dog” he told me.

I spent a good few minutes with them both sharing a brief conversation before he checked his watch and apologised; saying that he must get going.

His dog was in the beautiful condition and was an absolute credit to him.

It’s such a shame how certain breeds such as this type; are still readily targeted by unscrupulous cruel and totally heartless individuals; often specifically for the purposes of dog fighting!

I just feel grateful in knowledge that there are still many more genuine kind animal lovers out there; individuals like this young lad above.

Many others whom I know from first hand experience would go without food themselves if it meant that their dog had to suffer.

This young fella was one such a person.

For both him and this dog; there existed just one rule…a shared loyal and unconditional friendship!

‘The Magic Hat’

IMG_5799This little girl along with her sister and their little brother had obviously taken a real shine to one of the balloons being sold on this somewhat perplexed street vendors stall.

He can be seen clearly in the shot on the right of the children with his arms folded; watching over them as they each continued to discuss between themselves which of these balloons was their real and absolute favourite!

Interestingly though; as they all stood there chatting so the little girl wearing the sun-hat would lift it off and twirl it around above her head.  I am not sure if this was done to distract the vendors attention; or if indeed it was a strange ritual. And one which played a fundamental part  in helping her decide exactly which balloon to choose?

But whatever it was; it continued for some considerable time; until eventually her choice was made! At which point the sun-hat was then placed firmly back on top of  her head.


She then turned to attract the attention of her parents and yelled “Can we have the red one please mum?”

For her little brother though there was to be no hesitation in awaiting a response!


As far as he was concerned his sister had chosen and so this was apparently already a done deal!

Taking charge of the situation he surged forwards and began tugging at the chosen item in an effort to remove it from the stall to give to his big sister.

As far as I am aware though…I hear that they all lived happily ever after!

‘Boy in a Hat’

‘Boy in a Hat’

I am now hoping to use Sunday’s posting as my opportunity to publish some of my many family images.

I really do enjoy the days when we all manage to get to share time together; and this weekend has been no exception.

On Saturday we spent our evening enjoying a home made Mauritian meal over at my daughter Jodie’s with her partner Stef; and our youngest grandchild ‘Beau’

Jo made us  a beautiful dish known affectionately as an ‘upside down rice’ And wow…What a treat this turned out to be…seriously delicious food!

Whilst in contrast today; we were invited to the cinema to watch ‘How to train your dragon 2′ with my boy; his wife Kylie; and our other three gorgeous grandchildren Kaden, Megan, and Harri.

The film was excellent and offered a blend of fun, sadness, and sheer hilarity! I ended up with both girls sat on my knee throughout the whole movie; both eating chocolate; guzzling drinks and sharing popcorn and sour gums.

I truthfully consider myself a very fortunate person to be able to enjoy such a close and loving relationship with all of my family…and earlier we rounded the afternoon off sharing  a Sunday Lunch together.

“Some days are diamonds; some days are stone!”

Anyway here’s a sweet little shot of our Beau who had decided to try my garden hat on.

Still…I think he looks a thousand times better in it than I actually ever have.
Little Poseur that he is!

Thanks for stopping by tonight everyone. I always appreciate you taking the trouble.

‘Feeding Time’

L1080418 This image was taken whilst I was over in Emsworth recently.

I was alerted by the sound of the kids who were each shouting out with joy every time they managed to get the particular bird they had chosen to actually eat the squashed bread which they had carefully moulded before throwing it into the water.

After this shot had been taken I then walked around for well over an hour with my camera; and I even did a good deed for the day as I had alluded to in an earlier post and which was titled ‘Crabbing’
Just after I had taken the shot below of this young girl with her crab line in the water; and sitting on the sea wall with her bicycle on its stand behind her. The wind suddenly caught it and it crashed down behind her! Cascading the contents of her basket into the water.


Poor little thing then burst into tears and started to cry saying “Please can you help me; my mum will kill me?”

Looking into the water I saw her purse, one orange cardigan, some chocolate coins (still in their wrappers), one pair of flip-flops… and some paper and pens.

I did my best to reassure her and eventually we agreed that I lower her onto the ledge below where she could retrieve the said items and then hand these up to me. Luckily the water at this point was fairly shallow and once the task was complete I then grabbed her wrists and she scaled back up to the top of the wall to join me.  I wrung out her cardigan and lay other items on the wall in an attempt to help dry them off.

She was so grateful and seemed much happier in herself as I left her setting up the crab line once more. Only this time leaving her cycle lying flat on the ground behind her. 

So with my good deed done I must have then walked around for well over an hour.

Returning back though I noted that the little kids and their mums I had photographed earlier were all still there; and all still feeding the birds.

It was only when I studied the image a bit more closely back home that I noted  they actually had between them four large loaves of bread! No wonder they were still there eh?

I would honestly be surprised if these birds which you can see in shot today were ever capable of taking off again?