‘The Break Up’

imageWe took Carol the ‘outlaw’ from Vancouver over to Arundel the other day.

It’s a beautiful place and if you like fine wine; Olde World Bars and some of the classiest Antique shops around?
This is definitely the place for you.

Now it is in such attractive places such as this that coaches full of students can often be seen drawing up in the car park directly alongside the booking office where the popular river boat cruises are all on offer.

Anyway having just parked up we found ourselves behind just such a coach party.

Within minutes of the many young German students embarking from it a row ensued between one of the young ladies and a certain young gentleman with whom she had been sitting.
The young lady (accompanied by her closest friends) then burst into tears and ran off into the seclusion of this cafe terrace and began to go into emotional melt down.

This image which I shot was taken as we were leaving soon after checking ticket prices for the boat trips.

Young love eh? It can certainly be emotionally intense and most definitely unpredictable?

‘The Last Supper’

IMG_4160 Saw this stall holder over at the market place in Chichester the other day.

During a lull in what I know from personal experience to be an incredibly busy schedule (particularly the early morning ‘stupid o’clock starts) She had decided to stop and to rest back in her camping chair with a tartan blanket to cover her legs and to take a well earned cup of hot tea from her thermos flask. She also seemed to be rather enjoying this french bread stick with cheddar cheese and pickle.

Initially I tried to catch this image from one particular angle; but unfortunately as the market was relatively quiet; I must have looked a little bit suspicious to other people there whilst endeavouring to set up the shot? And so it was; despite trying really hard I never got the composition quite the way I had intended.

In the end though I decided I would give it one last try. Sitting almost opposite on a low wall I casually began cleaning my camera lens with a soft lint cloth trying my best to look a little less obvious. Then glancing again over in her general direction her demeanour now seemed to suggest that she had lost any further interest in what I was up to; in fact she looked really quite relaxed; having slipped into a much more reflective pose.

I then raised my camera lens and captured this shot.

In truth I had hoped to take in the full picture which was in the frame placed alongside her; but unfortunately it was’nt to be!

Hopefully though; you get the gist?


L1090133 This is our Kaden. The eldest of our four grandchildren.

Recently he celebrated his 10th birthday and is now at the age where he is very quickly bored and very easily distracted.

That said he has a really great sense of humour and you would be hard pressed to find a kid with a kinder nature. He adores anytime spent with his Dad and his little sisters and has an insatiable energy level.

His hobbies include playing games on his ipad mini which he got for Christmas; martial arts, swimming, reading, inventing incredible things, bartering at boot sales, and watching DVDs.

There are probably many other things he enjoys; but theses are some of the ones which he seems to enjoy most.

The photograph above was taken recently when we all went as a family over to the New Forest for a birthday celebration. Kaden had just come out of the ‘hot tub’ and changed into his ‘onsie’

He then decided that it would be a brilliant idea now that he was all clean and tidy again; oh and not wearing any shoes on his feet of course! That he would then see if he could climb to the top of the apple tree in the garden of our holiday home.

I walked over to the tree and had’nt even noticed him initially. He was so far up the tree that he could’nt be seen by the naked eye! I was then pelted with a crab apple and looked to see where the laughter was comong from only to see his smiling face above me. I then asked him to climb down a bit lower and I would get my camera.

When I returned shortly afterwards this is how I found him.

I really liked the contrast between the colour of his onsie and the leaves on the tree. Also the way that he is framed within it’s branches. He almost looks like a character from the lost boys in Peter Pan…don’t you think so?


L1080696Just a brief submission this evening.

We were over at ‘Gunwharf Quays’ the other day and whilst waiting for my wife and her sister to return from their shopping spree; I chanced upon this little girl who had been trying very hard to grab her fathers attention as he was admiring the view over towards the marina.

Despite some initial climbing on the metal fencing and a few strategically placed jabs to his leg; she eventually decided that she could magic his attention by using her drinks straw as a wand?

She could then be clearly heard shouting out ‘ABRACADABRA’ and then wafting the straw backwards and forwards and up and down whilst frantically repeating her command.

In the end though looking dejected she eventually gave up altogether.

But then miraculously; and indeed as if by magic; her Dad leant forward and scooped her up in his arms and carried her over toward the ice cream stall nearby. Much I would have to say to her obvious delight.

Perhaps it was a delayed spell?

‘In Memory’

IMG_1067Please note that this is not published in order to generate responses.

I merely wish to mark the passing of a truly honest and genuine person whom I was proud to call my friend.

Larry sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning and will be sadly missed by his heartbroken family and his many many friends.

God Bless buddy; from your Portsmouth family. You will be greatly missed by us all but never ever forgotten Lazzer!

“Sleep well moi andsome”

‘Tiny Dancers’

L1080755Chichester High street and I was out roaming around the town just checking out the shoppers and looking for any cheeky opportunities to snap a capture.

I then saw this young mother and her three little children strolling down towards the ‘hole in the wall’ cash machine. Stopping very conveniently alongside me she then drew the youngest child in the buggy towards her whilst she traced her card to insert into the machine.

She then clearly instructed the other two children to stay close and to wait where they were.

Impressively; they both stood obediently doing exactly as they had been told. Until the little boy picked up on a tune which he was obviously familiar with being played on guitar by a very talented busker who was performing just up the road from them all.

The tune he was playing was current and well known and with some very catchy hooks in the melody.

I did’nt really give it much more thought at the time until that was; obviously caught up in the chorus line this little boy and girl spontaneously began to dance together. It was hilarious to watch; they were just so funny doing all the various ballroom moves and twirls together which they had picked up and quickly mastered from somewhere?

Suddenly though in the midst of their dance routine the tune ended. Then unexpectedly this little lad leapt at his sister throwing his arms around her neck; and judging by her initial very wobbly reaction I think you could say she was a little surprised…to say the least?

Then they both fell about and started laughing uncontrollably at each other whilst their little sister looked on; somewhat amused at the spectacle she had just witnessed.

Checking the image on the screen I then nodded over towards mum. She then smiled back at me before gathering the kids back together again and carrying on with their day.

Got to go where the music takes you after all.