‘Tie-Dye or Stripes’

IMG_4273Chichester town centre and I had just finished enjoying my weekly fix of vegetable pasty and coffee; whilst of course busily checking out the many different characters who were out and about at the shops.

As I was disposing of my empty coffee carton and serviette into the receptacle outside the cafe I happened to look up ahead of me to observed these two women who at first were walking briskly and chatting to one another; suddenly stop dead in their tracks! Then the lady who you can see wearing these rather fetching stripy pants in a very serious manner answered her mobile phone.

Walking on a little further in their general direction I was thinking about the composition of the shot and the fact that as both women were kind of similar in their choice of clothing; It might be interesting to take a photograph?

At the same time however, and quite fortunately for me; this elderly woman was by this time almost alongside the pair herself taking a coy little glance over at the ‘tie-die’ jeans worn by the friend of this lady on her phone.

Then obviously feeling at a loose end she quickly retrieves her own mobile phone from the bag around her shoulder; and commences busily texting. Unaware of this elderly ladies attention.

The perfect opportunity I thought to myself snapping the shutter of my camera as I reached point which I felt was close enough to my subjects?

I must be honest with you though; the expression in the ladies eyes behind her large sunglasses was somewhat daunting. In fact I was unsure if it was due to my presence or to do with the caller she was addressing?

I am aware that there’s always the possibility I might be challenged whilst snapping such situations; however, fortunately for me on this particular occasion; no dialogue was evident; and so I felt quite pleased to have managed to capture this image published above for my blog entry this evening?

“PHEW…I could have been seeing stars instead!”

‘Fiddle Player’

IMG_7987Fareham shopping centre and I hear the sweet sound of the violin drifting across the precinct as I head over towards the shopping mall.

Now as anyone who follows my blog will already be aware; I fully endorse and support street entertainers; and I will always stop and give any small change I might have because I think that they deserve some appreciation and recognition for their art.

On each occasion after doing this; I might ask if they would mind my taking their photograph and in quite a few cases; if the musicians is able; I might engage them in polite conversation?

In this way I get to meet some very interesting characters whilst on my travels; some of whom are truly talented individuals.

This guy was very friendly and seemed to appreciate the common courtesy offered. I did get to speak briefly to him for a few minutes; but as he was working at drawing in the punters who were out on the street; I backed off leaving him to it; he nodded his approval.

Their were several mums out that day with small children; many of whom were standing listening whilst searching through their purses and coat pockets to retrieve any coins or small change to drop into this chaps violin case.

It’s always evident that most people do seem to appreciate talent such as this guy had to offer and are only to pleased to reward such initiatives.

I love to see musicians and street performers whenever I am out; and look forward to seeing many more individuals out there entertaining the public on this the lead up to Christmas?

OMG…did I just say the dreaded ‘C word?’

Sorry folks; but it’s really not that far away now is it?


IMG_7726Couldn’t resist this shot of these two characters out in the town over in Chichester.

I had already seen this lady sitting outside one of the local stores awaiting her husband; but as she was not sporting her dainty oriental parasol; I decided that the shot wasn’t really that interesting or dynamic?

I had just to hope that I might cross paths with the pair again later in the day. Most people spend a good couple of hours strolling to and fro down here; often taking lunch at one of the busy restaurants or taking advantage of the welcome warmth of this late sunshine.

Anyway; I decided that I should go and take a look over at the Cathedral grounds where there are usually a plethora of visitors arriving on the buses and coaches; all out to spend a gentle afternoon shopping or simply taking in the sights?

Luck was definitely on my side when I see coming towards me; the very couple my interest had been alerted to earlier!

Only this time because the sun was high in the sky; the oriental parasol was getting an airing and the sunlight beautifully picking out the detail in it’s delicate design. As they drew closer I was clumsily attempting to line up the Cathedral for my backdrop when the gentleman sent a casual if somewhat cautious glance in my general direction. This I thought would only make for an even more interesting end result?

Having edited it slightly I must admit that I was pleased how the colour in the ladies hair contrasted so well with the flower detail in the open parasol; and with the dress worn by the young woman sitting on the Cathedral wall below them. (Even her varnished toe nail paint helped compliment the overall image; haha!)

At the time this was captured it really seemed to look quite balanced in it’s composition when I snuck a glance at it in my camera view finder? I do so love to see people like these two in today’s image; the ones who dress differently; and who are confident in their demeanour and who stand out from the crowd.

Not too shabby eh?

‘The Castle’

L1090093Now let me tell you! When it comes to building a sand-castle in this family; then it’s all hands to the pump!

This shot was taken during our recent visit over to the New Forest where we spent the day over on the beach near ‘Highcliffe Castle’ (arguably an altogether larger, more grandiose, and certainly more impressive structure than the our little offering featured here in tonight’s blog?

However folks; I can assure you that when they were building their castle they certainly never had so many willing volunteers wishing to be involved? From planners; through to structural engineers; all of us were in some way linked in to this process!

Yes this was indeed a family affair; and one in which everyone had their individual parts to play.

Sadly whilst putting up this image I began to reflect on the fact that it is going to be quite some time now before we can all get ourselves down onto the beach again?

As you are all no doubt aware; the clocks went back one hour at 2am this morning? So we can all now look forward to those long awaited darker evenings and to a significant drop in temperatures. (NICE!)

Ah well! It was fun whilst it lasted and hopefully the beach will still be there for us when the weather returns? Then we can go back even better prepared and see if we can’t produce an even bigger and more elaborate castle the next time?

Who knows? It might be so impressive that we give ‘Highcliffe’ a run for their money?

We might even charge an entrance fee!


IMG_7904Now when you woke up this morning you most probably stretched out your arms and after that first refreshing morning cuppa you probably then headed for the shower to revitalise yourself and prepare to meet your day?

The next thing which most of us might consider might be exactly what it was we were going to wear? Taking into consideration of course the recent change in our weather conditions.

Anyway, if there are certain individuals I truly like and indeed admire; then it would be those whom I personally consider to be somewhat different and utterly carefree in their choice of attire?

This then is Winchester high street; and walking directly towards me I spot this snappily dressed woman; who in my opinion at least ‘stood out from the crowd’

With these amazing piercings in both her ears and in her nose and with her body art tattoo’s; she is most definitely not the average shopper which Winchester is used to seeing.

Therefore her presence did create a few noticeable backward glances.

I loved the expression of the guy walking directly behind her who was obviously checking her out and looking singularly undecided as to exactly what he thought of her unique choice of fashion statement?

Long may we have characters such as this lady because they truly do challenge the average high street fashion shop look which the majority of people in this neck of the woods at least; often tend to adopt?

OMG..I bet she could brighten up your average Winchester ladies coffee morning!