‘Puppy Love’

This little girl in tonight’s image and her adorable little puppy were both stood outside of the Co-op shop waiting patiently for the mother who had gone inside.

There she was clinging tightly to the puppy’s lead and to her own bag of shopping treats which she had bought in the town that very morning.

As I watched her interacting with her little pup I was completely impressed; and thought they both looked to be simply inseparable pals?

At the time I was sitting opposite and was watching the many people stop and speak with them mostly to enquire if they might get to stroke the pup? It was evident that this little pair seemed to enjoy all of the attention they were being given and it made me smile to observe that as each person moved on after speaking to them both so the little pup would immediately sit down at the ankles of the girl.

It would then stare upwards at her and cutely commence tilting it’s head from one side to another whimpering and stamping both paws to the pavement.
Almost as if it was seeking reward for it’s recent impeccable display of behaviour!

I picked up my camera and began to focus in closer. At which point the pup then obviously thought that the little girls mother was about to re-join them and he sprung up from his sitting position; successfully wrapping both himself and his lead around the legs of his little companion.

The little girl was surprised by this and had to quickly lean herself forward grabbing tightly onto the dogs lead. She then tried to re-arrange herself and her long hair which had by this point covered her face completely; and was obscuring her vision.

Luckily the mother did then arrive very shortly afterwards and they all walked away together. The little pup elated to be re-united again displayed his obvious joy by springing happily alongside both the mum and his now un-tangled very special little pal.

‘Hat Trick’

IMG_7660 I was up early again today and so I sat for a hour in the garden with a cup of coffee and a slice of toast.

It’s that time of the week again where my better half and her mother take off to do their weekly shop. So I of course am free to do whatever I please…

Not needing too much in the way of persuasion I loaded up the cameras into my sports bag and headed over to Chichester; one of my favourite haunts on a Wednesday.

I actually had a really pleasant run out there this morning; whilst listening to my music at a quite generous volume!

And as it was early I even had time to get myself into some of the many charity shops over there and see if there were any bargains to be had?

Sadly there was nothing that took my fancy and so I began the serious hunt for images to capture. For some reason today I found myself being accosted by a variety of people from various organisations each with something to sell. However I politely declined them all and instead moved swiftly off; weaving my way past the ‘Big Issue’ sellers then the ‘Paintball’ chappie, and finally past a group of Spanish kids who looked to be making a video about the area?

Chichester was buzzing today that’s for sure.

It is always difficult for me to ignore people; and I always hold a sense of guilt that I have just brushed them off; mostly because they all seem to deliver the same old diatribe of polite yet hugely superficial often patronising conversation. All of course before eventually getting down to the nitty gritty of why it was they had stopped you in the first place?

Anyway…they did seem to persuade some people they had stopped to listen; and most for a lot longer than I myself had achieved.

It was only a matter of minutes though before I managed to take these irritating distractions out of my thought process and instead began my search for interesting shots of the people who were out today.

However somewhat distracted I found that as I soon wandered back to the top of the town where these same people who had tried to collar me earlier had obviously decided I might be worth one more try at re-engaging?

But again politely explained that we had already spoken earlier and so they were quickly back looking for some new faces to hijack.

I then spot these three ladies what lunch as they took a seat at this table outside the ‘COSTA’ coffee house. One of the more favoured spots for many connoisseurs. I just loved their choice of hats and thought that they all looked great sitting there in the shade.

Crossing over towards their table I raised the camera and was just about to take my image when the lady turned around and looked straight into the lens. I smiled at her and nodded as I walked slowly away checking the image on my screen.

Then I clearly hear a voice say “Here…that bloke just took our photograph he did” “What bloke” said one of the other ladies…”Over there look; that bloke…the one walking away”

I just hope that if they should ever happen to see this image sometime; that they are pleased to see themselves? Each wearing their individual posh floppy hat and enjoying a grand cup of coffee together over at Chichester.

‘Small Medium or Large?’

IMG_7615 Just had to include this little capture which was one I took whilst over at ‘Gunwharf Quays’ yesterday.

As I have been saying in my previous blogs; the weather has definitely got much hotter as the week has gone on.

I found myself walking alongside this little chap and his mum both of whom were hot and a little flustered in the heat. Suddenly the little boy spotted an ice cream van parked close by. His mum knelt forward and stroking his face asked if he would like to get an ice cream? “Oh Yes please mummy” he said “I would love love love one!”

Smiling at this enthusiastic response his mum then duly queued up at the busy vendors van; and patiently awaited her opportunity to purchase ice creams for them both.

As she stood there in line she looked visibly flushed in the heat of the day. She then began dabbing her brow with a small folded up tissue and was flicking the hair away from the back of her neck in an effort to try and cool herself down a bit.

Eventually though she was at the front of the queue and was then asked by the ice cream seller exactly what type of cornets it was she wanted?

The mother hesitated momentarily when he asked of her “would you like small regular or large cornets?

Turning to check with her little boy exactly what it was he would like; she was surprised to see that he had wandered slightly away from the van and had obviously decided it was definitely going to be a large ice cream for him…only a very very large ice cream!

The vendor and the mother laughed and he yelled across to the little boy “Hey…would you like hundreds and thousands with that?”

The little boys face lit up “Yes please” he said “and can I have a flake mummy?’ came the excited reply

5-year-old with Terminal Cancer Just Wants Some Mail. Let’s Overflow his P.O. box…

5-year-old with Terminal Cancer Just Wants Some Mail. Let’s Overflow his P.O. box…

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

Danny Nickerson is 5 years old, but not for long. He’s very excited to become a big 6-year-old this Friday. As happy as this birthday will be, however, it will be hard, too.


Danny has a virtually unbeatable cancer. Doctors have told his family that less than 10 percent of kids diagnosed with his type live longer than 18 months.

So the upcoming celebration will be an emotional day filled with far more highs and lows than a typical 6-year-old’s birthday. And what is he hoping to get for this extraordinary birthday?


He loves getting mail.

His mom says,

“He can recognize his name now. When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy.”

Since Easter, though, packages have slowed down. But now, for his birthday, it’s time to make sure he gets all the cards he could possibly want to read.

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‘Close Up’

IMG_7594It has been yet another glorious day down here in Portsmouth and so I took a drive over to ‘Gunwharf Quays’

Due to the high-tech planning of their underground car park there it’s never been an issue for me getting a parking space. Also the facilities they have on offer are excellent;
all of which are so easy to access.

The place is always clean and tidy and the reassuring presence of security I think always makes people more relaxed these days; especially when it get’s a bit busy. Overall ‘Gunwharf’ welcomes it’s many visitors providing them with a comfortable and friendly environment.

People really do ‘de-stress’ down there; each taking advantage of a wide variety of things to do, places to eat, and great views to take in as they sit outside one of the many waterside bars and restaurants dotted around the place..

Today after I had just enjoyed an amazing ice cold pint of cider and was returning to my car; I spot this young woman photographer taking a ‘close-up’ image of her sister?

Now to the casual eye it might appear that there is close up photography… and then there is very close up photography? And maybe this close might look a little too extreme possibly?

Unless that is of course they had not been aware that directly behind the subject being photographed and soaring some 170 metres above Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent, stands our ‘Spinnaker Tower’

Taller than the ‘London Eye’ ‘Blackpool Tower’ and ‘Big Ben’ it is already established as a national icon for UK.

So although I had initially thought this was a street photographer who had completely misinterpreted the technique of ‘blending in’ I quickly saw the reasoning behind her decision for this low angle shoot; and her excellent choice of this very close cropped composition.

‘Canine Partner’

IMG_7532 Couldn’t resist capturing this wonderful harmonious image.

As you can see this lovely lady was out on a shopping expedition accompanied by her absolutely gorgeous jet black labrador companion.

The working waistcoat worn by the dog indicated that he was from an organisation called ‘Canine Partners’

Now in truth I would have to admit that although I was aware of their existence; I did not know all that much about them.

So on arrival back home after a bit of editing work I decided to look them up on the web.

I shall now quote you directly from the literature on their web page.

It is our mission to assist people with disabilities to enjoy a greater independence and a better quality of life; and where possible, to help them into education and employment, through the provision of specially trained dogs for the disabled, whose well-being is a key consideration.

It goes on to say that more than 1.2 million people in the UK use a wheelchair.

This incredible organisation tailor make their dogs to each applicants individual needs, training them to help with everyday tasks such as opening and shutting doors, unloading washing machines, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and getting help in an emergency.

They train dogs for the disabled with even the most complex conditions including members of the HM Armed Forces.

These life transforming dogs also provide practical, physiological, psychological and social benefits including increased independence and confidence as well as increased motivation and self esteem. These wonderful dogs also provide companionship, a sense of security and help increase social interaction.

Despite their amazing work I was totally surprised to hear that ‘Canine Partners’ receive no government funding; and relies solely on public donations.

I think that I need to do some more research into this? But like the boxed purchase you can see in the front basket of this ladies mobility scooter; I also consider myself a big fan!