IMG_7740 Today I am breaking my own rule about my decision to highlight one individual colour and therefore allow the image to speak for itself.

Because I need to explain to those reading this about the young girl in my image. I just feel that on this occasion some words of explanation might help?

Equally I have been struggling a bit to find an appropriate ‘title’ for these Wednesday blog entries. However I have today finally decided that I will settle with ‘Accents on Colour’ as my chosen title; so there we have it!

As anyone who kindly follows my blog would already know; I tend to take a weekly visit over to Chichester. I find it a very friendly and vibrant place to be; ideally for me though it seems to lend itself nicely to capturing some interesting images in my ‘Street photography’

Anyway…Down to business!

I was walking the streets today as I tend to do when suddenly I spotted this very stunning young lady setting up her microphone and speakers in the town. So I decided to stop and see what she was going to be doing.

Now I can assure you that it was not only myself who had expressed an interest; but also many others who were visiting today. We were not to be disappointed. When this young lady opened her mouth to sing we were all certainly provided with a real treat.

I watched for a while and snapped off some shots but it was only later that I learned this was Chloe-Anne who was just 14 years of age and has been singing for about 4 years now. Even more impressively though…she is self-taught.

And as the little poster inside her guitar case stated; she just loves to sing!

For someone so young I felt she has a very clear and distinct quality to her voice; sounding far more mature than her years would suggest.

She even had the ability and the range in her singing voice to comfortably project it and send the notes high above the crowds; capturing a lot of their interest and attention.

(Including I might add that of the local police officer who I distinctly heard humming along to a Paloma Faith number she sang.)

As she effortlessly sang her songs today covering a wide range of eras; it was lovely to see someone so young yet so confident in her delivery. This little lady in her bright lemon dress has a voice like honey!

After taking a few more images of Chloe singing I then walked over put some coins into her guitar case and then introduced myself to her Dad ‘John’ who was sitting just behind; offering his full support and casting a watchful fatherly eye on his daughters progress. I asked him if I might include Chloe’s image in my blog that evening and I was really pleased when he kindly agreed I could. I also took his email address offering to forward the family the images I had taken. Finally I complimented him on his beautiful and very talented daughter and wished them all well.

Having worked on the editing of this photograph a while tonight I eventually arrived with this final result.

I only hope that Chloe and her family like it; and I would particularly like to say thank you again for their permission in allowing me to use Chloe’s image.

‘New Heels’

IMG_7592 What is it with girls and shoes eh?

I saw these three young women who having literally just purchased these new high heels had decided that it was just a bit too long to wait to impress their public and it was probably best to get them out of their boxes and onto there feet; and then to get themselves back out there and show their public just exactly what they were missing!

Once the objective of getting them from their boxes and onto their feet had been achieved; they then decided to take some super model images of one another; using their mobile phones.

This was followed by them each practising their very best catwalk style walk as they all walked off together back through the busy shopping centre of ‘Gunwharf Quays’

Each looking to all intents and purposes like renowned and high class cat walk models? Each on a break between the familiar instructions and demands expected of them by their individual photo shoot directors?

I first tried to take their image without being noticed but was very quickly clocked. I then had to back off a bit and attempt to mingle with the crowds before trying again to actually achieve this shot which I am submitting this evening?

I truly loved the determination of these three women to wear their latest purchases despite probably knowing that it might not have been a reasonable consideration for them to take some time to break them in first?

Whatever my thoughts though; these three were determined to strut their stuff before leaving ‘Gunwharf Quays’ after having shopped until they dropped!

They took several photographs using their mobiles and I at one point even volunteered to take a photograph for them; so that they might have at least one image of them all together wearing their new highly prized bargain footwear.

Three lovely ladies, Three pairs of fashionable heeled shoes, and three good reasons why new shoes at a bargain price; are simply too good to resist!

‘Eye Phone’

IMG_7647 This shot was literally grabbed out of the air; and so didn’t have the benefit of preparation in terms of exposure etc. I just wanted the capture and to take the opportunity whilst being up close.

The young lady you see in shot; appeared to be acting as the tour guide to a group of young students all of whom appeared to be having the time of their lives over at Chichester the other day.

I am not sure if they were from Italy or if they were Spanish in origin? Either way they were all having fun.

One of the group would grab the camera which was set on video mode whilst the others would either do a little ‘party piece’ to camera; or they would perform an acrobatic routine; or end up singing their heads off whilst another of their group played guitar.

As with most foreign students they all interacted in a really measured happy and friendly way with all the passing shoppers down there; many smiling and acknowledging their presence. In truth they soon became a bit of a local attraction with the local stall holders and even patrolling security staff.

Back though to the lady in today’s blog entry photograph.

I was more interested in her at the time as she seemed to frequently scout ahead of the group whilst they were performing; and do a bit of a reconnaissance in different parts of the town centre? Then she would call the group from her mobile phone; and they would suddenly arrive like a ‘flash crew’ complete with balloons, guitars, and most importantly their relentless happy smiley faces. And so it went on!

We need more young people acting on spontaneity! Their enthusiasm rubs off.

And you know what? I think it makes for a better place to be!

‘Dappled Shade’

IMG_7641 I saw this gentleman on two occasions before I actually found myself in a position where I might try and capture this unusual ‘dappled effect’ created by the sun penetrating through the weave of his Straw Trilby Hat and over his face.

I got up as close as I could; and although he did give me a sideways glance; I think that he was more anxious to understand why I might be so keen to capture his image; rather than feel I was possibly invading his personal space?

That considered I still like this final result though. It might not have worked so well today though as the weather here has suddenly taken a slightly duller appearance; and the clouds are upon us! So I am pleased that I caught this rather interesting effect and composition.

Indeed I think it turned out slightly better than I had hoped for.

Then I got to thinking…What if I were I to start wearing such a choice of headwear?

I wonder how I might look at the end of the afternoon in the sun? Especially with me having a bald head?

Now that would be quite an interesting image; don’t you think?

‘Chamarel Waterfall’

IMG_4571_2 Chamarel Waterfall is testimony to the volcanic activity that lasted several million years. It highlights two lava flows of different ages.

The first flow of the breccia core set (10 to 8 million years), altered on the surface upon which rests a second flow.

The altered part being thick, is proof that this first flow remained exposed to air and weather during millions of years before being covered by the flow of the intermediate series.

Its fall is 100 meters high.

‘Puppy Love’

This little girl in tonight’s image and her adorable little puppy were both stood outside of the Co-op shop waiting patiently for the mother who had gone inside.

There she was clinging tightly to the puppy’s lead and to her own bag of shopping treats which she had bought in the town that very morning.

As I watched her interacting with her little pup I was completely impressed; and thought they both looked to be simply inseparable pals?

At the time I was sitting opposite and was watching the many people stop and speak with them mostly to enquire if they might get to stroke the pup? It was evident that this little pair seemed to enjoy all of the attention they were being given and it made me smile to observe that as each person moved on after speaking to them both so the little pup would immediately sit down at the ankles of the girl.

It would then stare upwards at her and cutely commence tilting it’s head from one side to another whimpering and stamping both paws to the pavement.
Almost as if it was seeking reward for it’s recent impeccable display of behaviour!

I picked up my camera and began to focus in closer. At which point the pup then obviously thought that the little girls mother was about to re-join them and he sprung up from his sitting position; successfully wrapping both himself and his lead around the legs of his little companion.

The little girl was surprised by this and had to quickly lean herself forward grabbing tightly onto the dogs lead. She then tried to re-arrange herself and her long hair which had by this point covered her face completely; and was obscuring her vision.

Luckily the mother did then arrive very shortly afterwards and they all walked away together. The little pup elated to be re-united again displayed his obvious joy by springing happily alongside both the mum and his now un-tangled very special little pal.