‘Holidays are Coming’

IMG_6585Yes it’s our Beau again.

Here he is over at ASDA Car Park in Havant where the legendary as seen on TV Coca-Cola Holiday Truck was paying a visit.

I am not joking when I say that literally hundreds of families attended this event and queued for hours on end just to stand on a small wooden painted platform with a signpost pointing to Havant?

It took an age to even get into the place that evening; as the traffic was so heavy. But eventually we did get parked up and took one excited little lad over to see this spectacular sight.

There it stood towering before him and festooned with an array of bright shining lights. It’s chrome detailing polished to within an inch of it’s life!

Then the poster size images depicting the great man himself in his full Santa resplendence. With shiny red cheeks and jolly demeanour all serving to add even more excitement to the occasion. There was even more queues to obtain free Coca-Cola; just like Santa drinks! The music was playing loudly as we all stood admiring the truck and the noise from the many children in the queues was palpable.

Then I gingerly asked my daughter Jo “Are we going o join the queue then babes?” There was an initial pause before she turned to me and said “I don’t think so Dad do you? Beau will be really tired if we have to wait around for ages”

“Well if you’re sure babes” I replied with an obvious look of absolute relief all over my face.

“But can we get a photograph of him by the truck please; so we can show Daddy?”

And of the several I managed to capture above the heads of the crowds; this was the one Beau like the best; just him and his mum.

Hope you all like it?

Happy Holidays everyone.

‘Smoke and Coffee’

IMG_3943It is definitely December. Today my better half and myself spent the morning visiting a couple of shops who were selling off their Christmas lights and decorations at half their original price or in some cases less!

I’m not the most patient of shoppers when it comes to things like this; but went along with it anyway. Fortunately we managed to purchase a couple of ornamental trees which light up and illuminate in 8 different sequences. (Please at least try to contain your excitement for us!)

Anyway the reason we did this; was that the trees were previous shop display models.

Now my missus does like a bargain; and so was more than pleased to say the least; when she negotiated with the salesman to half the half price mark up on the ticket. So excited was she in fact; that she decided maybe our daughter Jo might want one also?

The one we had purchased though was over 7 feet in height; and therefore quite a statement piece?

Luckily for me this was the last one they had on display. So she settled for the smaller version to give to our Jo. Again for half the half price listed on the ticket!

Once loaded up in our van we headed off out of their car park like we had stolen these trees?

I think that my wife had almost convinced herself that they had made a mistake and might change their minds and call us back?

Soon though we were headed to my daughters place to deliver her gift.

After making our delivery I decided to walk up the street and see if the chip shop was open; as it was definitely one of those chips for lunch days today.

As I walked up to cross over the road I spotted this young woman who had just sat herself down outside this little cafe and was braving the cold in order that she might get to enjoy a cigarette with her coffee; and to text her friends into the bargain.

I just liked the image on this cold December morning.

Today’s smokers certainly are a hardy bunch here in the UK…don’t you think?

‘Leave it’

L1080469I love animals; and so this rather wet and bedraggled looking specimen really did appeal to me.

I first noticed him when walking down by the harbour in Emsworth.

His owner was throwing this stick into the water; and the dog was happily plunging in to fetch it time after time. Despite the cold snap of the day this dog seemed apparently unconcerned in any way shape or form by the waters temperature?

Once he had swum out to retrieve this beloved stick; he would then clamp it firmly in his teeth and proudly carry it back to shore with him; and back into the hands of his owner.

When next I saw him; he was standing here outside of the greengrocer store standing guard over that same stick whilst waiting obediently for his owner to return to walk him home.

He had such a gentle character; and although more than happy to let me stroke him; he made it clear; and with nothing more than a look in my general direction; that this stick on the ground by his front paws…was a no go area!

For this was his stick; and he was taking it home with him.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to wait to see him go off with his owner but I did see them both shortly afterwards as I drew out of the local car park.

The dog was off his lead and walking proudly ahead of his owner; his stick clamped in his jaws. And I honestly mean this…it actually looked as though he was smiling? It made me smile as he tossed his head around adjusting the position of his stick in his mouth and occasionally letting it drop to the ground in front of him.

He was indeed really lovely dog; and what a deep melancholy expression he had in those beautiful brown eyes.

‘Buried Treasure’

IMG_4648On a bright crisp morning over on Southsea Beach; these two little beachcombers were out looking for treasure.

Their father was fishing off the shore when this shot was taken. Now obviously after setting up the rod and eating the sandwiches and drinking the drinks which had been prepared so then the boredom often sets in?

This Dad however had thought this possibility through and had told his boys that there was treasure buried underneath the pebbles somewhere on the beach.

He gave the boys an old army shovel each and off they went together wrapped up warm and in their wellies to start digging up various parts of Southsea beach; each convinced that they would be the finder of this hidden treasure.

I carried on my walk along the promenade and crossed through the common and into Palmerston Road shops. I must have spent a good hour down there and on my return to the van I decided to re-trace my route along the seafront and up towards the rose gardens by the lake.

Sure enough there were these two little lads; still with their shovels to hand and still digging up the beach together. But despite their best efforts there still appeared to be no sign of the elusive treasure mentioned by their Dad.

However; despite this set back; he was very much enjoying his time out sea fishing and smiled over at me knowing both boys were determined that they were going to locate this treasure; and claim their prize.

Just a little bit of appealing to their imagination and it’s surprising how kids will very quickly entertain themselves.

Add a little competitive spirit into the equation and BINGO…job’s a good’n!


IMG_3858Emsworth and these five ladies and their little scottie dog have just returned from a long brisk walk.

They all looked very happy to be taking a well earned break and had settled down here on the memorial bench seats to enjoy a snack, a cold drink, and a chat.

I guess there will be many people after the Christmas Season has ended who will be seeking out such a pursuit which might help them get back in trim after possibly over indulging?

(Something that many of us are no doubt guilty of at this the lead up to the big day and indeed beyond?

The little dog looked ready to go again as he took occasional little slurps from his bowl of water in front of him; his face suggests that he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Indeed the evidence of his mud splattered fur and the walkers mud splattered walking boots and gaiters would suggest that these women were indeed dedicated walkers; who obviously look forward to the challenge this presents and which no doubt allows them a great opportunity to get together on a regular basis; and to do something which they all enjoy and which they really benefit from?

At the same time this activity helps them and their little dog maintain a good level of health and physical fitness?

The weather can put some people off when it starts to get colder; but as these women are demonstrating ; the correct clothing and equipment means that the change in the weather shouldn’t necessarily become a deterrent.

All credit to them…and also to their little scottie.