‘Sleep walking’

IMG_0531Took this shot whilst we were over at Winchester with our Beau the other week.

Earlier that morning we had completed our obligatory visit to the shops and the street market, we had then circumnavigated the town, and were by then just on our way over to the swing park where Beau could have one final go at driving the stationary Fire truck and train.

However as we approached the park I couldn’t help but notice a quiet snoring sound from this chap who was fast asleep on one of the benches over there. Cleverly he had utilised his haversack to serve as a pillow, and he had even thought to carefully place his specs underneath the bench for comfort in the first instance, and then obviously for safe keeps.

I thought he looked so peaceful and settled lying there and decided I best fire off a couple of frames before he woke from his slumber.

On the second shot though this other fella suddenly came into frame walking purposefully by and completely ignoring this chap lying prostrate before him.

Instead he appeared wholly focused only on what it was he had come into town that morning to do. And with his shopping bag in hand he strode on past not even once glancing back over his shoulder.

His presence in this final composition however did seem to make it a little more interesting visually I thought to myself; and so I decided to use it as my blog entry for this evening.

Thanks for stopping by tonight everyone very much appreciated.


Went with our friends who were down visiting from Bedfordshire over to Selsey.

The main objective being to give their collie dog ‘Molly’ (yep you got it right… Molly Collie) an opportunity to swim in the sea. So we all arrived there just before lunchtime, and having parked up we headed over to the beach. There were signs up specifying exactly where you were permitted to walk with your dog, and so we dutifully followed the directions and soon Molly was happily splashing about retrieving stones. As you can see below where I caught her poised  and ready for action.IMG_0680

After she was noticeably tiring from all her swimming activity we decided we should head off with her into the town itself to pay a visit to the ever popular ‘Riviera Restaurant’ where we intended to treat ourselves to some milkshakes.

On the way back though I met and spoke to a very attractive woman who was a personal trainer in the local area, and who was extremely chatty and motivational to talk to. I took her business card and she gave me her facebook details suggesting we connect as friends. I obviously agreed and once home I thought I should check the details on the card.

‘PINK Phys’ or should I say Caroline Taylor to be more specific; is not only a Personal Trainer but also runs Bootcamps, she covers nutrition and weight management, sports and aromatherapy, is an NLP practitioner AND is an animal flow coach??

Here then is a quick image I caught of Caroline working out. Nice woman…check her out on Facebook if for no other reason than to find out what and Animal Flow Coach does?


The town was buzzing when we actually got to the venue as they had a Pirate themed carnival event going on. It was very busy with clowns and pirates and face painting, tombola’s, delicious food and cakes and raffles galore. In fairness I think that everyone who was anyone, were out to enjoy themselves. The pubs and cafes and local businesses over there were all doing a roaring trade from what we could see.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our Milkshakes and we even won a bottle of wine into the bargain just before we left.

Well done Selsey you did a great job!

Even Molly Collie agrees.



On a recent day out back over to Portsmouth Museum; we had just left the cafe where our Beau had polished off a slice of chocolate cake large enough to hold a door open with.

So then of course he needed to run; as most little lads his age like to do.

Consequently we took him outside and into their beautifully manicured lawned gardens in the grounds. Out there they have a couple of knee high sized hedged maze gardens; which kids who are visiting can go play in; and which our Beau absolutely loves.

After a few daring rescues in his superhero mode of both myself and his nan (as we had to pretend to be lost) he then decided that we should all look for treasure.

So after a lot of searching and scuffling around under the trees, he eventually ended up finding a feather and a plastic bottle top from a fizzy drink.

Nevertheless he was feeling very pleased with himself and ran off with his finds. Eventually he took a seat on one of the benches there where he commenced balancing the plastic top onto the tip of this feather which he had found earlier.

Fortunately this kept him interested just long enough for me to get closer, and to steal this little shot of him.

The rather impressive Coat of Arms in the background made for a more stately composition I felt.

So with the Museum visited and the maze gardens successfully completed, oh and the treasure hunt now over. We felt that it was then time for him his Nan and myself, to get into the camper van, and to drive back home.

This though had to include a run along the seafront just so he could check out the hovercraft, and a few other interests he shares along there.

‘Big Bro’

IMG_0582Chichester last week. I was over there having a day all to myself again; and getting to do what I enjoy most…taking photographs.

I had managed to capture a few images and was actually just sat down enjoying a coffee when this young mother and her two children stopped virtually in front of where I was sitting.

“Oh” says I. Maybe a cheeky little photo opportunity might be about to present itself before my very eyes.

For a while though the mother remained distracted and was chatting away to a friend whom she had bumped into.

I continued observing her little lad at this time who was by then looking increasingly bored.

First he would look up to the sky and then he would look down at his shoes; then he would spin about a bit with his head tipped back and staring upwards once more. Always though with one hand firmly gripping onto the handle of his little sisters pushchair.

It was obvious that the conversation which was taking place had taken on a life of it’s own; and so this little lad then felt he needed to find something else to occupy himself.

Right on cue the baby in the pram then to fidget, obviously aware that the normal momentum she associated with being pushed along in her pram had for some unknown reason beyond her comprehension ceased. What on earth was occurring?

However at that exact moment her brother sensing the movement in the pushchair, then rushes around to the front and commences to make his baby sister giggle with delight by grabbing her little stockinged feet and blowing onto them. Whilst making some rather loud and very amusing sounds that then really did set her off laughing.

They both carried on like this until the conversation suddenly ended and as she waved goodbye to her friend his mum then turned the pushchair around took her little lads hand and together they moved off through the crowds. As they made off the brother would just now and again pop his head around the front of the pram making little faces and keeping his sister amused.

A natural entertainer if ever I saw one; I thought to myself whilst still sitting there sipping on my coffee and feeling pleased to have got my shot.