‘Fish n Ships’

IMG_0135Lee on the Solent the other day and I was just on my way along the prom to grab myself a coffee and to maybe sit a while and see if I might spot any images I wanted to try and capture.

It was really nice and warm and there were a variety of people out and about. It’s noticeably busier right now though as the schools have broken up for the summer; so consequently the beach at certain points was much busier than it would normally be.

That’s when I noticed this couple who had just parked up in the car park and which is literally a few minutes away from where this image was taken. They had gathered up all the essentials with them which they felt they might need, like their folding chairs and their sun hats and obviously some food and drinks.

It was obvious to me however that some sort of a compromise had been arrived at by these two good people.

I say this because I sensed that when they got up this morning he felt he wanted to do spot of fishing whilst she was happier just to spend a bit of time sitting in the sunshine on the local beach.

So basically after a bit of discussion they both got their wish, and had even agreed on this quieter less hectic part of the beach to get away from the many families and kids who were all out that morning to have a good old run around and to take a swim. And for the more adventurous amongst them to maybe to visit the skate board park etc.

Anyway; I quite liked the simplicity of the image and I enjoyed the fact that I actually crunched my way up behind these two over the shingle beach camera at the ready, without either of them even being aware I was there.

Compromise would appear to be the way forward in many relationship cases…because in doing it maintains a degree of pairing and harmony.

Well at least that’s how it all appears to the casual observer.

‘Family Picnic’

Good evening everyone.

We just returned from the ‘Bandstand’ over at Southsea where they were offering a free day’s family entertainment. They offer entertainment throughout the Summer and today’s was all about the ‘Dolly Parton Experience.’

Now in truth; for me personally, anything associated with our Dolly is okay by me.

So we all phoned each other up yesterday and decided to take picnic food and cold drinks and blankets over there. We rocked up in style on the dot of one o’clock accompanied with the kids and the dog as well of course.

The sun shone favourably the whole time we were there and the music and the entertainers at the bandstand in fairness were bloody good.

As you will see from the images I managed to get a few shots of Dolly for you to see and of her special guests for the day who included Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, oh and even John Denver made a brief appearance over there.

The kids loved their day out and we enjoyed ourselves too. In fact we ended up having Megan and Harri to sleep over tonight. Diesel alas went home as he has a sore throat after guzzling three pigs ears and having to have yet another visit to the vets. He is fine though; he just barks like a duck at the moment.

So anyway I hope you like the photos and I also hope that you are all having an equally fine Sunday yourselves?

Well done Southsea bandstand for giving us a great free day out, and the chance to sing-along to some good ole country and western music y’all!

‘Village Pump Folk Festival 2015′

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Good Evening everyone. Here as promised are some of images from The Village Pump Folk Festival we attended last weekend over at Westbury.

This is an entirely voluntary led and managed event and not in receipt of any public funding or investment. If you are interested in learning more then please do pop over and visit http://www.villagepumpfolkfestival.co.uk or http://www.villagepumpfolkfestival.co.uk/blog

I really hope that you all enjoy viewing the images I captured over the four days and that they might give you all an idea of the work which goes into this brilliantly organised and truly family friendly event.

The rain unfortunately did pay us a visit a couple of times; but this in no way dampened the mood. Especially as there was an extremely well stocked bar and club room which opened until the early hours.

To be fair there were far too many superb entertainers and bands in this year’s lineup to even begin to mention so I will just say that we were not disappointed in any way shape or form.

The food traders who attended were ‘almost’ all incredibly good value for money and offered a wide variety of very filling hot tasty meals through the evening.

But I must not forget to acknowledge also, all of the unsung volunteers and background workers who gave up their time. Also to the security staff who were all very friendly professional and accommodating towards everyone present.

In fact everybody from John Alderslade the Festival Director through to each individual person on site who contributed in whatever manner to the smooth running of this festival deserves a large pat on the back. Excellent!

Finally though it would be remiss of me not to give a little mention to the wonderful team I met consisting of the beautiful Gemma, the delightfully sweet Maisy, the main man John; and not forgetting of course Daisy!

I met these lovely people and managed to persuade Gemma initially to allow me to take her photograph because she had a such a gorgeous smile. Although I think it was the catchy little slogan which was chalked on a blackboard outside their trailer which initially caught my eye. (That’s my excuse anyway; and i’m sticking to it)

This read as follows: “Come get a Pizza da action!”

That though my friends is all that I am saying?

But seriously it was a fantastic four days and I am already looking forward to next year.


‘Easy Tiger’

IMG_7586Walking back to the car over in Chichester just a little while back; when I spotted this very striking young woman with her flaxen hair and who from the back initially appeared to be dressed completely in black.

She then turned into the pet there shop at the bottom of the high street.

My assumption at the time was that she probably wasn’t going to be in there all that long? And so I walked on a bit and set myself up on the pavement opposite the store, hoping to capture a shot of her as she exited the building.

Luck being what it was within just a few minutes she then suddenly appeared directly in front of me.

Having already lined up the camera to try and ensure I incorporated both the twin shop doorways I snapped this image of her as she alighted from the doorway right of frame.

This then was the resulting photograph.

Twirling a large gemstone medallion through her fingers which was secured onto a long silver chain around her neck; she looked straight ahead and appeared not to show any interest at all to her immediate surroundings. Instead she stared out into the middle distance.

It was then I noticed that despite my initial assumption that she was dressed completely in black, she was in fact wearing this T-shirt with a large tiger print on the front. But far more amusingly were the twin pandas positioned neatly on each of her knees.

Obviously an animal lover then?

Albeit one with a penchant for the slightly more exotic and rarer of the species.

Though arguably not really the types one might expect to see over here in this little pet shop in Chichester.

‘Red Wellies’

IMG_0448Good evening everyone.

I just wanted to say I’m back home and to say hello to you all. I also wanted to put up this sweet little image for you all to look at tonight. It was one of those which really made me smile.

I snapped this over the weekend just gone whilst at a folk festival which we attended over at the ‘White Horse’ Westbury.

Known as ‘The Village Pump’ it is an event we have enjoyed for many years, and which always brings a lot of fun filled memories for us.

I am in the process this evening of editing some of the better images I managed to capture during our four day stay. Most of which I intend to put up in a slide show for you, hopefully over the next couple of days.

This would then give any of my regular followers out there a little taster of how it all went off, and to give you an insight of just a few of the many colourful and amazingly beautiful though often eccentric characters you see attending here year after year.

(I think I would maybe classify myself as the latter on this list)

However, this project has ended up taking me a lot more time than I had initially anticipated. Especially as we have had our little Beau staying over with us today.

For now though; I thought you all might like the shot of this little chap I saw. Seen here strutting purposefully forward his head bowed. Wearing his bright red wellies and with his little green cloth skull cap on he was making his way back towards the large Entertainment Tent on site.

I think he was quite keen to catch the excellent band that is ‘Show of Hands’

Anyway…hope that you are all well my friends?

Have yourselves a great evening.