‘Pizza Hut’

Took our Kaden, Megan,and Harri over to Pizza Hut for a lunchtime meal just the other day.

We went with their mum and dad and we each ordered up our pizza’s which turned out to be a bit larger than we had first envisaged.

The grown ups (as we are currently referred to) piled on a selection of salads from the salad bar, and me an my son sprinkled on the chilli flakes. Meanwhile all three kids armed with their plates circled around and slowly selected what they fancied.

This comprised mostly of bread sticks, coleslaw, sweetcorn, a large serving spoonful of croutons, and their absolute favourite; cucumber. Oh and little mad Harri selected some red peppers to add to her side dish. (Rude not to eh?)

Then we all sat together swapping stories about what we had each been up to during the week, and checking with the children how school was going. We had a very friendly accommodating waitress who made sure the kids were all okay and gave the girls a balloon each.

The meal finished it was time for the big finale; so the three kids swiftly headed over to the Ice Cream Factory. Swirls of ice cream surrounded each plate followed by toppings of smarties and chocolate buttons and raspberry and chocolate sauce.

Needless to say it didn’t all get eaten although we ‘grown ups’ were only to willing to complete the task for them. We then paid our bill and said our goodbyes out in the car park.

We all waved frantically to each other as we started up our respective vehicles, and it was time to head off for home.

Scoffing Pizza is not something we would choose to do on a regular basis; but I would have to concede that it was really good just to have that bit of catch up time together, and enjoy some quality family time.

‘Night Light Robbery’

IMG_1487These two brothers were initially in the ‘Burger Co. Restaurant’ which you will see behind them. However having polished off their burgers, I sensed that they had got a bit bored just waiting around inside for their parents to finish their meals.

Consequently they had sidled off from inside the restaurant, deciding between themselves that it might be more fun to venture back out and position themselves underneath the canopy to the one vacant pavement tables which had managed to avoid the downpour.

They then decided that it might be an interesting challenge to maybe explore the internal workings of one of the table lanterns; and to retrieve one of the nightlights held inside. This single act for no immediate or logical reason to anyone else, other than the boys themselves of course; brought them both considerable enjoyment.

Pretty soon however, their fun was to end as the parents were on their way back outside from the warmth and comfort of the restaurant to collect their boys. Immediately ensuring of course that they had their jackets back on, with their hoods up, and were suitably attired to tackle the short journey through the town square and back to their car.

Kids are priceless when it comes to entertaining themselves. Particularly when it appears to parents that there surely couldn’t be anything which could possibly be of interest to them outside.

These two little guys though proved this theory to be wholly incorrect.

‘It’s not him…is it?’

IMG_7627Over at the market in Chichester when I saw this gentleman pop an apple core into his mouth whilst he retrieved a sandwich from his back-pack.

Just behind me at this time and walking through the market with her Dad was a little girl who suddenly stopped in her tracks and suddenly tucking herself in behind her Dad’s legs excitedly asks “Dad, Dad,…is that Father Christmas eating an apple?” He then smiled down at her.

“It might be him, but he’s probably having a day off today and looking for presents for all the kids who have been good”

“Reindeers like apples don’t they?” she responded “They do Katy they love to eat apples, Maybe he’s buying some today for Rudolph”

Raising the camera I quickly captured the image I wanted, and as I checked the screen so the little girl and her dad walked by him. Although the little girl somewhat more gingerly it must be said.

They both then walked on together between the market stalls. She holding very tightly onto her Dad’s hand all the time, though at the same time looking back curiously at the white bearded gentleman.

Removing the apple core from his mouth he then looked across at her from underneath the brim of his hat and smiled a big smile, whilst at the same time doffing his cap in her direction.

The little girl now with one finger in her mouth simply carried on her way still though casually glancing over her shoulder. Obviously still a bit mesmerised at the thought she had just seen Father Christmas on his day off, visiting the market place, right there in Chichester.

Well!…Stranger things have happened you know!

Now to more serious matters. Have you been naughty or nice so far this year dear reader?

That is the real question.