Upwardly Mobile

imageUpwardly Mobile

I am continually amazed at just how many people I see everyday who are constantly on their mobile phones. Or playing games on their phones, or driving…..and on their phones?
As a result however, this particular young woman on her mobile phone, seemed totally oblivious to my taking her photograph. She was completely absorbed in her conversation as we passed each other by.

I love taking impromptu shots like this, and often wonder if the people captured through the lens would ever get to see their images?
And if indeed they were to see them, would they be pleased? Angry? Curious? Surprised? or maybe even mildly flattered? Who knows?

Either way, I remain drawn to snapping these type of images, and admire the bloggers who are able to make their street shoots look so interesting and gritty.

I must admit that I am finding this new found blogging hobby of mine to be both absorbing, and challenging, in equal measure.

So a message to those I currently follow. Your work is my inspiration, and I am learning so much more as a result.

And for that, I can only thank you.

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