Love the expression on this woman’s face as she is completing a shopping survey.

But more than this, I truly genuinely enjoy, watching the many and varied methods that so many shoppers adopt in order to try and avoid these things.

Many achieve their objective by possibly pretending to answer an imaginary incoming phone call. or alternatively, with sheer skill and cunning, and often without even glancing up, they begin to widely veer off from their normal course of travel, and instead, they adopt a route which negotiates themselves either to the far left, or to the extreme right, of those conducting such surveys.

Some are seen to physically dive into shop doorways, or suddenly develop an intense interest in anything on display in the nearest shop window. Some even carry out an emergency stop, suddenly intently viewing their wrist watches whilst doing a complete U-turn.

Those with no means of escape though, simply raise a hand and offer a dismissive gesture, mumbling about having to get back to their cars, or only having a short lunch break etc. The list is endless.

For me though, the best character in this photograph without doubt is the little boy draining the remainder of his drink. I think that the way he has totally switched off from any involvement whatsoever, is testimony to the way children deal with such monotonous ordeals.
He looks to all intents and purposes like he is playing a trumpet solo. Priceless!

Are you any of the above? Or, do you, when presented with such scenarios just simply say, no thank you, and casually go about your daily business?

I wonder?

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