On Reflection

IMG_0949I joined my family and friends at mid-day today. Firstly to enjoy the nice weather, and secondly to share in a drink or two in celebration of a positive outcome to a very negative incident!

The Guildhall Square was busy with lots of students enjoying coffee and sandwiches, and with people walking to and from the shopping precinct in Commercial Road. The large TV screen was showing Jessie J and Tom Jones and the crew rocking out some hit tunes over the loud speakers. Young people sitting on the steps were smiling and clapping to the beat, some even danced. It was indeed a nice space to be in this morning.

Then, as if things couldn’t have got any better, it was decided after a very short discussion that we all exit the pub, and retreat over to my Sisters house where a big breakfast fry up was on offer!!
No further persuasion required we consumed our celebratory drinks and headed towards the doors, and out into the sunshine.

It was just just as we were leaving that I observed a gang of builders dressed in their hard hats in reflective waistcoats. They had just begun erecting a scaffold frame directly outside the window where we had previously been sitting and chatting together.

I quickly snapped this image reflected in one of the pubs polished table tops.

I must admit that I am quite pleased with the final result.

Any comments offered, are of course, warmly welcomed.

6 thoughts on “On Reflection

    • Hey there Bill. You are my first blogger to leave a message
      so thank you my friend!
      I am really pleased you took the time and I agree
      the shot is a bit puzzling at first. But very glad
      you liked it. Keep in touch and thanks again.

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