DSCF7167Unfortunately, for me at least, I recently managed to take a wrong turn in my car, and ended up driving along the back streets.
So in an attempt to rejoin the road which I had just exited, I slowed my speed down, and began searching for a possible left or right turn off?
But yes you’ve guessed it….. There just wasn’t one!

So arriving at the end of this “no through road” I put my car into reverse, and backed up to the rear of these intriguing premises.

I literally got out of the car and clicked the camera. I think that my initial, indeed general impressions were, that this premise had either experienced break-ins during it’s past? Or alternatively, it’s owner had decided to make gaining entry, somewhat futile!

Personally, If I lived in this area, I would probably think twice before I parked my vehicle up for the evening. Definitely not most attractive or indeed inviting facade I have ever seen!

On returning back to the main road, I drove past the front of the premises. Surprisingly different in terms of it’s presentation and ambiance.

Realistically though, and I suggest that this is true of most big cities. Certainly those that I have visited over the years.

There’s what the visitor sees……And then there’s reality

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