imageI sensed that there was a tension between them, and that maybe they were trying to resolve their differences?

It is always hard when we struggle with life’s challenges. Harder still when we should be enjoying ourselves, without taking on the cares of the world.
Ironically, the weather that day was glorious, and the Sea-front was particularly busy, active with hoards of visiting tourists, and with happy smiling families. It often strikes me as strange, that despite life still going on around us, and often at a relentless pace. We have this innate ability, to somehow isolate ourselves, and remain completely detached from it. Especially when our personal lives become simply too overwhelming

Relationships are often fraught with problems. These can often become more poignant when you are young. Hopefully my interpretation of this particular scenario was widely off the mark? After all, the art of ‘people watching’ could never be classified as an exact science! Could it?

For my part, I hope that these two young people have since managed to achieve a compromise? Were this what was actually needed?

Old problems just like old photographic images…..Do usually fade in time!

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