“Lick em Up”


As a bit of a bonus, I chanced upon this amazing guy!

He stood there uncannily still, and was dressed from head to toe, in his golden cowboy outfit. Resplendent, and raised high above the passing shoppers on his golden platform, he diligently observed them through his golden cowboy mask.

I took a couple of snaps of him and then suddenly, this little girl just happened by, with her mother, and grandmother?

On placing her small change into the small basket on the pavement, the Cowboy immediately sprang into life, amidst a multitude of squeaks and bleeping noises, which instantly held this little girl, and everyone within earshot……. Spellbound.

After his star performance, the golden cowboy then produced from his golden haversack, which was hanging on the wall beside him, one single sweet lolly-pop on a stick. And then, leaning steadily forward, he gave the little girl a friendly appreciative smile. Seeking first, the approval of her Mum she then glee-fully took the lolly from him.

With a series of twirls from his gold six shooter around and around his finger, followed by a further series of frantic squeaks and bleeps, our cowboy then returned to his original statue pose.

The little girl then walked away happilly, but could be seen regularly glancing back toward the cowboy, to see if he might spring back to life for her, maybe just one more time?

I hope that the shot in some way captures the moment? A moment which today, proved such a special one for this particular little girl out shopping in Chichester.

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