“Guys….I think she likes me?”

IMG_1134Took a drive over to the newly vamped shopping centre at Whiteley today. Estimates of between 6 to 8 million UKP having recently been invested in it’s structure, completely bringing it’s shops and restaurants etc, up to date, and more attractive to both the locals though more importantly, the “out of towner’s”

After a strong, and more than acceptable cup of coffee at Cafe Nero a visit to Deane’s Diner, an authentic style American style diner seemed the right thing to do as a follow up!

Our lunch comprised of a vegetarian dog and onions in a roll drizzled with cheese sauce for me, with of course, more coffee. For my wife, a simple vegetable wrap with Tacos and relish on the side. Best of all though, (Drum Roll please) A FREE Strawberry milk shake!! Can you believe it?

Lunch complete we continued with a leisurely stroll around some of the many outlets now firmly established within this new and modernistic styled complex.

As we were about to leave however, I noticed these three guys who were standing chatting. I just thought that the image behind them, added a humorous and interesting back drop?

Maybe you would agree?

2 thoughts on ““Guys….I think she likes me?”

  1. Yes, I do agree. That was a superb shot..and I loved the story, too. Bill Jones had reblogged something of yours and now I’m here enjoying your blog. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week! Mary

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