“The Sun and a Moon”

This was indeed a rare occurrence, and one which justifiably seems to bring the Sea-front down here in Southsea, where we reside, back to a happy, welcoming and altogether friendlier sort of holiday venue.

So with these high expectation uppermost in mind, I decided it would be the absolute and ideal time, to take my amazing little grandson ‘Beau’ out for a good long walk. Maybe’s soak up some of that suns warmth.

By the way, when I say I took our little ‘Beau’ for a long walk? What I should have said was, that I actually took him for a nice long push” in reality!
He….. Sorry ‘Beau’ that is, just sat there, comfortable and content, slapped in sun cream, and with ‘Bib Bib’ in his little mouth (Bib Bib is his comfort blanket type thingy by the way)

Anyway, descriptions apart. Beau was cheerfully smiling at passers by, particularly dog owners, and chattering away to himself. He seemed to enjoy simply watching and listening, to all of the sights and sounds around and about him.

Generally, it would not be that much of an under statement to say, that our boy, was most definitely, chilled!

On our arrival at the Sea-front at the St Georges Road end of the promenade it was soon evident that there was a rather larger than normal, for this time of the day at least, police presence?

Feeling understandably curious about this situation, we nevertheless continued to walk on, only to literally stumble upon the finish line for ‘World Naked Bike Ride 2013’ Portsmouth style.

From information since gleaned though I duly noted that this colourful and rather jolly event, is a clothes optional fun bike ride around Southsea and Old Portsmouth.

Hats off (and most other clothes for that matter) to this great bunch of people, who brave the prying eyes of Joe Public, whilst bravely challenging the unpredictability of our Great British Weather!

All of this to help highlight a range of highly relevant, and very important issues.

In common with the more than 70 similar Naked Bike Rides that take place around the World, the aims are several:

To draw attention to the profligate use of fossil fuels by Society.
To draw attention to the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads
To celebrate the simple innocence of the human body.

These objectives they successfully achieved today, and all with a mix of good fun, and heartfelt humour.

The local Police and Police Community Support Officers in attendance for this event were exemplary. Even the members of the public who were present, seemed in general, to respond with nervous laughter and genuine warmth and appreciation.

I quickly took the opportunity to shoot off a couple of photographs. Then, as we were about to commence our return journey home. This photograph simply presented itself, directly in front of us, at the Static Coffee Van!

“Did Sir want chocolate sprinkles with that?”

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