“Love is”

IMG_1190Young love eh? This inseparable pair were obviously enjoying their special time together today.

After walking hand in hand along the shore line, they crunched their way through the pebble beach ridges and up towards the prom. Stopping first to look out to sea, they then turned towards each other, and embraced.

And during that one brief embrace, for them, not one other person or situation even existed.

They were totally and blissfully unaware of the many children out riding on their cycles, or indeed the teenagers weaving to and fro on their skate boards, cutting across the paths of the hundreds of families enjoying another sunny day out together. For them the frisbee throwers to their left simply were not there at all. Nor were the kite flyers to their right.

Even the lads fishing from the seashore remained oblivious to them.

They were not even disturbed by the Harley riders, throttling their engines as they rode in formation. Their safety helmets and expensive designer leather outfits, the polished chrome work gleaming bright and picked out by suns glare.

The intense shrill repetitive noise from the sirens of the Police and Ambulance vehicles rushing past them in convoy, was not even a moderate distraction.

As for me though, this detachment meant that I could capture this ‘special moment’ relaxed in the knowledge that, to them at least, I was never even there today….. Indeed this photograph which you are hopefully viewing right now here on my blog page. According to this particular loving couple at least, in truth, never happened!

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