IMG_1221Half term is always a difficult time for parents of kids. “There’s nuffing to do though, or, but that’s sooo boring” etc. etc.

For these youngsters at Lee- on- Solent however, their day was filled with friends, speed, dares, risks, spills and falls!
In short they were happy and as the photograph shows, thoroughly enjoying the ramps provided for them. Facilities designed to help them to improve and develop their skills in this sport.

Fresh sea breezes, and maybe some local fish and chips for lunch, just enough money for a can of fizzy drink and hey, the world is a wonderful place after all.

As a young’un, i can remember going out from early morning and not returning home at least until it started to get dark.
I rode everywhere as I recall, and even cycled over 60 miles once to visit a favourite Auntie who was at the time living on farm at Itchen Abass, near Winchester.
Happy days!

With all the present day worries and concerns over our children’s health and weight, it is superb to see a Council responding positively, and providing something which really appeals to kids!
A resource which gives them a platform to show case their talent.
Or in this particular case…… a whole series of platforms!

Nice one Lee-on Solent. Good Job!

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