“Which way?”

IMG_0829I suddenly caught sight of this couple walking together. It was strange, but it felt like they literally appeared out of nowhere. They seemed confused, and looked out of place somehow, almost as if they didn’t quite belong there?
Then suddenly, and for no apparent reason at all, they just stopped dead in their tracks, and commenced staring intently, and directly forwards.
They literally remained this way, completely still, for what seemed like an age!
At no time did they speak to one other, nor did they glance toward each other. They simply stood motionless and staring forward.

I continued to watch, absorbed by the apparent disconnection between them.

Eventually however, and without any form of verbal or non-verbal communication, the pair just simply moved quietly away arm in arm, towards their chosen designation.

I remain puzzled however, as to how it was they both knew, exactly where that was to be?

Bit weird!

4 thoughts on ““Which way?”

  1. I love the lines in this composition, and the people’s placement, as well as their shadows. It’s like they’ve become part of the lines. Maybe they were trapped there for a while.

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