“Just saying”

Yesterday in the City of Portsmouth, access to anything appertaining to the “World Wide Web” was a bridge too far. This was due predominantly to a local work force of engineers, severing the cable for the Virgin Network. this one action brought devastation to homes and businesses and sent punters by their thousands onto the phone demanding an explanation! 

Suffice it to say, after an extremely stressful day and several phone calls, we realised, as I presume did many others like us, how reliant we have all become on communication with the World. 

This morning it was pleasing to note that we are as a household back to normal, and hey, remember, “normal is nice right?”

Anyway, that’s my excuse for no blog photograph yesterday!! I would also like to apologise to the very tolerant lady whom I spoke to yesterday from the Virgin Network. I would wish to reassure her, it wasn’t personal…..honestly!

Right, where’s my IPad and phone, oh and I need to download some photographs, oh and print some reports off, oh……and I need to finish my PowerPoint, and, and, etc!

Do you know what…….I think a cup of coffee seems the better option right now!

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