imageI don’t know if this only applies to me? But, wherever I seem to venture to these days, and I include my own family in this. Everyone is using digital relief to communicate with one another? Unless that is of course, the battery on the persons mobile phone, is in need of an emergency defibrillation or a rapid re-charge?
Seriously….I personally know of couples who actually request a coffee via their mobile phones??? This would seem the easier option to them, rather than have to communicate it ‘face to face’

I thought that this picture in it’s own way, signifies the fact, that without technology, we truthfully don’t seem to have too much to say to one another anymore?

Maybe, we need to learn to face one another again, to reinforce our feelings of warmth and humanity towards each other, positive affirmations, through our eye contact.

Personally, I believe that we need to talk more, to teach one another again to smile? To emphasise, through the power of our non- verbal communication skills, exactly how it is we feel, about the person or persons, we are endeavouring to communicate with!

I cherish such conversations when they happen, and feel truly re-invigorated, when I am fortunate enough to share a truly ‘old school’ chat?!
By this I mean one which doesn’t involve either of my thumbs. And. is completely non- new technological in it’s sharing!

All too rare an occurrence these days I’m truthfully sad to report?

3 thoughts on ““What…..Eva!”

    • Hi there. You are more than welcome to have camped out on my blog for a while. I look forward to your next stay! I intend to return the favour and have a visit to your site.

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