“British Bull Dog”


Well, here in UK, it’s Car Boot Sale or Boot Fair time. This is a form of market in which private individuals come together to sell household goods and garden tools etc.
These boot sales normally take place during the Summer months. However some boot sales can also occur indoors, and are increasingly popular these days. Sale items at these events often include, antiques, and collectables in general.

It’s never ceases to amaze me just what people will buy. This includes myself sadly…..as my wife I feel sure would quickly testify!
One man’s rubbish and all that malarkey eh?

As you can see from the photograph, this particular Bull Dog is either not the greatest fan of boot sales? Or, he is just inherently lazy?
The British Bull Dog breed are well known for their stubborn nature, and are not always overjoyed at the prospect of having to go out for a walk. Particularly, if it involves anything vaguely resembling, distance.

It would appear this bad boys owner is already familiar with these traits, and has prepared herself accordingly. I love the facial expressions, and I love the way the breed has an ability to draw dog lovers toward them for a little friendly chat, and a welcome fuss and stroke.

Best not to mention ‘flea markets” though, Bull Dogs can also be very sensitive creatures.
They say “It’s a Dogs life” well this one was blatantly loved! Imagine, a dog being pushed around in his own push chair? Just the thought of it. Good gracious!

“Bully for him” I say…..”And why not?”

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