In one of my previous incarnations I spent a considerable amount of time working with the elderly in my work with the ambulance service.
I have always been impressed at their humour, their forthright opinions, their wisdom, and insight.

I remember one particular old lady whom we were transporting to a day hospital many years ago, I was the attendant and we had been chatting briefly about life and the weather, just relatively safe and mundane stuff.

This old lady, although beautiful, was somewhat unkempt, and dishevelled in her appearence. After a brief exchange, we sat in silence, for what seemed like an age. Then suddenly, and totally out of the blue, she looked me straight in the eye and smiled so sweetly. Her wrinkled frail hand she then raised toward her cheek, her head tilted to one side she said,

“You know I am old, and I live alone. And it’s true. I never married.
But, I would like you to know this of me young man.
I am very similar to a favourite book, I have been taken down from the shelf and dusted a few times”

Priceless or what?…..

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