“Tide and Time”


There is something so special about getting out of bed early morning, and taking yourself out and into the new day.

Maybe to walk the Sea-front, or to just go somewhere green, that’s quiet and tranquil, somewhere, which allows you to think?

As I have become older, I cherish this time to myself. To be able to choose and go sit and drink coffee, or buy myself a morning newspaper. Perhaps analyse developing cloud formations. Or more preferably, take some more photographs?
Even take a flask of tea and a savoury snack in a back-pack, then go and sit on my favourite bench, the one with my favourite panoramic views of the City?

It still feels like a privilege to be able to have this ‘me time’ for a while. Especially as the public begin to emerge and climb into their cars and bikes and buses? The heavy lorries begin to form creating traffic congestion hot spots, and clog our roads. Sirens sound as local parents hurry to the morning school run. Shop staff unfurl shutters ready for business.

In contrast, and for just a brief moment in time. This gentleman remains oblivious to any such life events. Instead, he and his little dog edge along the shore-line kicking a ball by the waters edge.
Proof, if proof were ever needed.

“Tide and Time…. Wait for no man!”

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