imageI felt anxious to see if he was okay, but had to wait for the cars ahead of me to move forward. Whilst waiting, three young boys who had seen the bird’s plight, surprisingly, just walked on by it. None showing any hint of interest, or even apparent concern? I always feel disillusioned when things like this happen. It seems we have lost some of our compassion as a society these days.

So, stopping to the sound of impatient car driver’s horns, I alighted from my car, and quickly scooped the little casualty up. On returning to my car, I gently laid him in the passenger foot well, where I could observe him whilst driving.
The birds wing was badly broken. As I watched, the he was struggling to open his eyes.

En-route I tried hard to negotiate the corners in an effort to limit his obvious pain and discomfort.

Eventually, I arrived at the veterinary surgery closest to my home. I gently lifted up the dove, and took him into the duty reception staff. Sympathetically, they highlighted the injury was such, that it would probably be kinder put to him sleep immediately!

Although I knew all along that this was to be the inevitable fate for the little dove, being put gently to sleep, in a clinical environment still felt to me, like the kinder option?

Maybe he is somewhere much better today? Hopefully flying high?

At least I would like to imagine so….

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