Whilst walking through the local High Street in Fareham just looking out for anything interesting to shoot. My attention was suddenly drawn to these three little kids, all pushing hard on a shop door, that clearly instructed ‘Pull to Open’

I fired off this shot whilst thinking to myself. “Who would have imagined that the simple action of opening a shop door, could generate so much enjoyment?”

It caused me to recall my own children, in fact now, my beautiful grandchildren! How they all are more than capable of finding fun in something, anything! Even in the most routine of tasks.

I truly love how children perceive this world. Appearing blissfully unaware of the huge challenges which yet lie before them.
Most though, fortunately enough for them, feel safe and protected, blessed within loving families.
Whilst others, indeed some whom I have personally worked with, namely children deemed to be at risk! They, sadly, are not always so fortunate.

As we grow older, a lot of life’s simple pleasures seem to pass by us un-noticed. We seem to get wrapped up in the routine that is life! Often, we forget to allow our own inner child to emerge, maybe allowing ourselves permission to share in simple pleasures. The pleasures which children seem to relish most.

It is a fact, that the world we inhabit these days, has made us all understandably cautious, about how, or indeed if we should at all, interact with children these days.

But at least that particular day, albeit fleetingly, I felt a warm smile come to my face, just through watching these little ones enjoying themselves. That day, these three children learned the benefits of working as a team, to achieve their objective. Yes they did it together… They opened that door!

I loved the excitement it created, and how it seemed to give them all, a huge sense of accomplishment! Most of all though it made them shriek with laughter, and…..they really did have fun!

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