“Young Love”

“What memories does this image evoke in you?”

A busy day at Southsea Common and hundreds of people are present. Children playing ‘Roly Poly’ barbeques smoking hot with burgers and sausages.
Shire Horses lined up in their finery, tugging with the brass bits in their soft mouhs, at the polished, beautifully painted trailers, behind their immaculately plaited tails.

Cheers and applause ring out, circles of young people begin to form, singing and tapping out tunes, as they watch and listen to a lone guitarist. He sits, a skulled bandana on his head, cross legged. He sways as he hums out loud, his melodic tones!
Lads and girls link arms and sway in time with him. All smiling broadly, drinking their lager, beers and cider, and enjoying a crafty ‘roll up’ or two.

The sun is hot now, and people begin to coat their children’s faces, arms and legs in factor 20 sun creams. shouting loudly at their other children who have strayed from the brood and are being encouraged to return, albeit, in gutteral terms.

And yet……whilst all of this goes on!

These two sleep, wrapped in each others arms. Lost in the moment, and enjoying the comfort and warmth such closeness brings.

Do you remember when nothing else seemed to be of any importance in your life except that one person!
That one person to whom you had promised your unconditional love?
Your heartfelt wish that every moment you spent with that person would never end?
When just to see them smile, moved you, to want to protect them and to hold them even closer?

Well…these are some of the things which it evoked in me.

“It still makes the world go round…… that’s for sure!”

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