“Halo Puss”

This is our cat ‘Deebo’ Like most cats, he is capable of locating sun spots anywhere in our home.

Once located, he will circle around several times, after padding the carpet weave, before stretching himself out opening his claws and then relaxing. And there he will stay absorbing maximum warmth factor!

Although 14 years of age, Deebs comes up to say good morning every single morning without fail. He bounds in, leaps onto our bed, and stands proudly on my chest.
If after a minute or two there is no response to his presence, then he will proceed to lick your face or nibble at your eye lids, until you are well and truly awake!

After getting him breakfast, which is of course my main priority every day??? (NOT) He might then spend a short time outdoors, scurrying around the back garden at warp factor 10 checking for any other neighbourhood cats who may be threatening to dare to enter his territory un-announced! This they do at their peril…. And occasionally, skin and fur do fly….

Alternatively, and more preferentially to him it must be said, he likes nothing more than to curl up on his personal blanket with his paws over his face.
As if to say “Do not disturb”

When not sleeping, which is very rarely these days, then he can be found either walking the postman on his street delivery rounds….. weaving in and out of favourite neighbours ankles, or greeting the school children on their way to and from their school day. Weirdly, he can sometimes be caught attentively watching TV programmes??

He abhors visits from the grand-children, oh, and hoovers! He despises hoovers!

His absolute favourite pastime however, is to eat….And to eat at every given opportunity.

This though, has to be his all time favourite location! One place where he will follow the sun throughout its cycle….or until it’s warmth has disappeared once and for all.

2 thoughts on ““Halo Puss”

  1. Loved reading this testament to Deebo! I miss having a cat in my life, although my wonderful labrador fills the empty space nicely. But I have “grandcats” that tolerate my presence when I’m around their parents (my daughters, and my husband’s son), so that helps.

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