I spent my morning walking the Hilsea Lido. Initially though, the sky was looking over cast and unsettled. It didn’t look like it was going to improve much either?
But, I took my camera like I always do, and hoped maybe to shoot some sea birds in flight? Or maybe get up close and personal with some of the huge gulls who peppered the area at low tide, picking their way through the sea-weed srewn mud. Occassionally, stooping to plunge their ample yellow beaks in, to search of any hidden sea food delicacy!

Joggers and cyclists pass by, all breathing hard…… they smile, saying either “Morning” or “Lovely day?”
I hear them cough, and try to adjust their breathing pattern back into sync.

The traffic on the Motorway, and to my right, is busy and constant, as I head towards the Mountbatten Sports Centre.
This is my resting point, before returning home.

On arrival, I sit and watch the many dog walkers throwing their tennis balls as far as they are able, and then watch as their dogs break into sprint, barking happily, as they rush to fetch the prize!

Then heading back, I am once again passed by joggers and cyclists. The gulls are still searching the shoreline, and the sun is up.

I decide to cut across to the footbridge. As I re-join the pavement however, I note an elderly guy leaning on a walking stick taking a breather. He then walks ahead and turns, taking the narrow pathway leading to the underpass. By now, I am walking at a reasonable pace, but immediately sense his anxiety as I close behind him.
The tunnel is empty, and he hesitates momentarily.

I make a concious effort to get in front of him and in doing so he stops and turns towards me. I quickly smile, and say “Morning, and how you doing?”
Instantly, I sense the relief in his face, and he raises his hand to acknowledge me, and returns a smile.

I carry on ahead quickly arranging the camera settings. On turning left to exit the underpass, I captured this shot.

Personally, I hate places like this, whatever the time of day!

With their graffiti tagged covered walls, and that faint aroma of urine. It is not surprising, many people are made to feel uneasy and vulnerable.

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