“Do you feel lucky? – Well do you punk?”

Couldn’t get out and about today, as luckily for me I had visits and phone calls, from my son and daughter. Plus, I got to see and spend some time with, ‘Bam Bam Beau’, my beautiful, and oh so funny, little grandson!

Consequently, I can honestly say that I have had a superb ‘Fathers Day’ today. I am equally confident that all of the other fathers out there, can also testify the same?

So anyway, I was sorting through some of my older posts on the computer, and trying to get some sort of system in place, when this particular photograph caught my eye.

It was shot in BC on a recent visit. We had met with friends, and had literally just pulled over, to stop for a Canadian speciality pancake breakfast.

Trucks are my thing when I visit. For some reason, don’t really know why? They never fail to impress me? In particular I adore the Dodge RAM, or ‘Dooly’ as they call them?

Although the truck in this shot was not my favourite, I still felt the urge to take the shot anyway!

So setting the camera, I walked closer. When suddenly, this smaller dog on the right just sat up and looked at me.
I thought, well that’s good. His presence can only help compliment the final image?

Taking two steps closer still, with my lens firmly focused. I stop dead in my tracks, as this monster dog on the left slowly sat himself up. And then, with a very menacing demeanour, he fixed a stare directly towards me.
It was as if he was saying…. “That’s quite close enough fellah!”

Swallowing a little harder, I nervously clicked the shutter, and commenced to back off and away from them both. Very slowly and somewhat respectfully!!

I must admit though, I was pleased with the end result. And you have to admit, he is an quite an impressive crime deterrent? Better than any car alarm for sure!

Do you think this guys truck has ever been stolen?

I think the answer you’re looking for, is positively

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