“Ok…..You can turn the page now!”

Returning to my hotel in Gibraltar recently, I noticed this young woman sitting quietly, and reading her magazine.

Just seeing her sitting there by herself, still struck me as it being an interesting image. One worth a capture.

As I commenced framing the shot, I became more amused with the image of the model on the poster behind her! Visually, the more I looked, the more this image appeared also to be reading the magazine.
The image almost peering forward, in an effort to glance more closely at the pages, directly over the young woman’s shoulder.

I really enjoy trying to find shots like these, and it is surprising just how many opportunities present themselves. once you begin to train our eyes to become more observant to their surroundings.

To me, it’s simply a fun little shot, a nice little find, a keeper! But hopefully, one which may hopefully make you smile!

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