“This Little Piggy”

The little girl in the foreground had been playing with her baby sister who was lying in her push chair.

The girls parents were relaxing surrounded by shopping bags, and looked to be enjoying a couple of refreshing iced drinks, in the cool area, they had sensibly selected to sit.

It was a really hot day, and I too had decided to enjoy a cold beer whilst I reviewed some of my captures on the camera LCD screen.
As I returned the camera back to shooting mode, the little girl suddenly left her baby sister, running off to put something into the litter bin.

It was then I noticed that the baby sister had decided to raise a tiny little foot out of her pram, and almost appeared to be waving!

I just loved the way the child’s tiny little toes are so well highlighted and defined in this lucky shot.

3 thoughts on ““This Little Piggy”

    • Hey Bill, thanks for your welcome comment which I very much appreciated.
      I also read that you are fed up with people clicking like and not actually reading your stuff?
      I would wholly respect that decision, but just feel frustrated that the enjoyment for the many others who are sincere, is often spoilt by a few people that feel it appropriate to respond in this way!
      Whatever you decide, I hope that you never allow yourself to become too disheartened my friend?
      By my own admission, as I explained to you some time back, I am no reader……but you’re writing motivated me!
      Take care Bill

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