“Fishin in Mission”

One of the things I had always wanted to do was to try and catch a Salmon.

And so, on my penultimate day in Vancouver, my Sister in law’s son Darren, and his friend Bruce, surprised me arriving early at my residence. Into the truck we piled, and then we were off. Our music blaring, headed to the town of Mission.

Our drive there, was beautiful, and the scent from the many cedar trees en-route, just overwhelming!

On arrival we obtained the necessary day licences, then collected our hooks line and bait. Then, as they say in Canada…..”We were good to go!”

I pitched up my rod alongside this Dad and his son, who were already having some noteable success.
Anyway, we got talking, and soon he realised I was a total novice.

I was quickly motivated by the way he encouraged and advised me, and the way we shared a few good laughs, into the bargain.

Meantime his little lad found my efforts very entertaining, laughing loudly at me, every time he managed a catch!
Which unfortunately for me, was with monotonous regularity.

At the end of our six hour fishing spree. I had caught not a jot! Whilst this amazing little lad, had managed double figures on his own…

I have to say, these two memorable individuals were the best company I have had the pleasure to be with in a long while.
I will also admit, that I was sad to leave them.

The father was such a genuine lovely bloke, and his son, an inspiration.

Thanks to them, as well as Darren and Bruce, my day in Mission will remain a fond memory for many years to come.

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