“Big girls don’t cry”

As a Dad and now a grandad. I do feel for young mothers today.

Children are not always that easy to keep entertained are they?
This Mum certainly had her hands full, whilst out shopping with these two adorable little girls.

From my own experiences, bringing up my kids, and to some extent, now my own kids kids!
I think it’s fair to say, that they do seem to have an uncanny knack of applying exactly the correct pitch of tone and note when they cry?
Pitched so perfectly, as to be able to stretch your final capacity for tolerance, towards it’s maximum breaking point!

I don’t suggest for one minute that this would apply to these two little sweeties?
But I think most would agree, in general terms and as delightful as they all are…….Children seem to instinctively know, how to push the boundaries?

I had to capture this shot. I smile when I see smaller child’s total disregard to those real tears and that genuine upset, demonstrated by her big sister!

Mums……I salute your patience. You all deserve a medal!

3 thoughts on ““Big girls don’t cry”

  1. I used to know how badly my daughter was hurt by the amount of time between the intake of breath and the actual cry / scream. The longer the duration, the greater the pain and the louder the cry.

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