Yes, it’s always treat, to go out to a nice venue for lunch.

However, more often than not in this time of recession, the cost, has to be the first consideration for many of us?

These steps lead into the main entrance to Gunwharf Quay, from Portsea. They have becomes a popular focal point for many shoppers, more especially those with young children. Here, they can just to sit and chat together, this is of course made more enjoyable, if the sun shines!
Off loading their heavy shopping bags, they take some time out to maybe share a snack, or a refreshing drink together.

Nobody seems to mind, that they park themselves here! In fact it’s almost a given now with regular shoppers, that they do.

There’s no waiting around for your table. No waiting for your food order to be prepared.
No additional costly beverages. No disappointments if the wrong food order arrives! No extra service charges.

“Do you know what, the more I think about it.
Alfresco would do for me………..Every time”

2 thoughts on ““Alfresco”

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