“Beach Trip”

Took my bike over to Hayling Island today as the weather was looking promising.
Well, at least it was, first thing this morning!

Having just ridden the length of the prom I was about to enjoy my bottle of water, when I heard the distinct voices and the laughter of children.

As I pushed my bike on up toward the beach, I spotted this little gathering.
A whole class of kids, out for the day together, and obviously enjoying this special privilege.
Having worked for many years with young people, I love to see initiatives like these. They always recieve such enthusiasm from the kids involved.

I will also admit to being impressed with the accompanying escorts. Their ability to maintain such ease of control, through clear and friendly instruction was just so good to observe.

There was not one child that I could see, who seemed dis-interested or inattentive. They were just really happy to be there!

But hang on a minute……If you were to be offered day trip to the beach with all your friends. Or to spend another a day in the classroom?
Would it be worth your misbehaving?
No contest really………. Is it?

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