“Ah Mishter Bond…….Welcome!”

This chap was the proud owner of a new terrier pup. He was obviously very pleased about this, spending most of his morning at the boot sale on Hayling Island, holding him and just having some quality time together.

However, as I went to leave, I glanced back at the pair and you know, just for a moment, their postures brought to mind a famous Bond villain pose.
You remember the one?
It starred Donald Pleasence?

Okay, okay! So admittedly he had a large white very fluffy cat?
And he was positioned in an enormous leather arm chair!
And granted, he had a hideous scar on the right eye, which ran the whole length of his cheek!
Oh… and a rather large chunky gold ring on his right hand pinky finger, as I recall?
And he, Donald that is, was completely bald!

But still….If you squint your eyes a bit? You have to admit, there really is a feint resemblance?

Well I thought so at least!!

Maybe I need a break from this photography malarkey?

Do you ever get the feeling you’re clutching at straws?

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