“Guys, guys……it’s a plug!”

These youngsters were having a great day out playing on the shoreline, by the beautiful village of Hamble.

Having got bored, jumping on and off the stone wall and into the shingle, they decided they might explore the beach instead!

After skimming a few flat stones, and gathering some shells, the smaller boy of the group, to his obvious elation, found a rather heavy, large, rusty old chain.
It was half buried into the shingle, and he was convinced that he had found the plug, which made the tide go out!

So quickly, in a unified team effort they took turns over the next twenty minutes or more, desperately trying to pull the thing out!
I actually think that they may just have loosened it a bit you know…..because the tide definitely looked to be going out, right behind them?

“Maybe it was the plug after all….eh?”

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