“Do you know an Emo?”

Young people are often targeted because of the way they choose to dress, in order to express their individual personality.

Sadly, in the past, they have been targeted in hate crimes. It is both sad, and worrying, that even today, such young people should feel threatened or intimidated because of the way they choose to dress?

Typically, the Emo groups appearance, often comprises of dark eye make up, pale skin, dark clothing, and big chunky jewellery.
Their music is often hardcore punk. Emotional and introspective in it’s style.

Personally, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with a varied selection of young people from a range of backgrounds, including gang culture.

Although in no way extreme, these two young girls live in a tiny fishing village in the heart of Devon. Consequently, their image looked quite distinct and unusual in these particular surroundings.

I can only draw on my own experiences however, and I can honestly say I have never really been to bothered if the young people I met with were straight, gay, punk, emo, goths or whatever. It was simply a real privilege to spend time with them and to gain a fuller understanding of the many pressures they struggle with day in and day out, just trying to grow up in a society where they resent having to conform!

I truly miss my time with such young people, and hope that I might continue to advocate for them, in which ever capacity I am able.

In the Oxford dictionary, the term ‘unique’ is defined as as being…. ‘without equal!’

If you apply this to young people in general. I think it it suits them perfectly, don’t you?

5 thoughts on ““Do you know an Emo?”

  1. We are threatened by young people who seem different, as if we must package them in their proper box. However it is the diversity they bring to society that strengthens it. I love that in your greyscale image, it is only the girls who stick out and seem to belong in the shot. The “traditionally” dressed woman, in her strange, long, skin and grey camouflage, seems to be trying to blend into the world.

    Praise be to those who believe they should mark their own mark on it.

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