“Hard Times”

While on a walkabout with my camera through Chichester, this Saturday. I was really drawn to this young guy. His whole body language, suggested to me at least, that he was lost, and struggling to find an answer to something really important.

I often feel a sense of anger at how the world just goes on around us with monotonous regularity, despite the many people, truly struggling to just scrape a living!
Each casualty fighting his or her own personal battle!
I will equally admit to owning a sense of personal guilt. None more so, than when things in my own life, seem to be going so well?

I practice not taking anything for granted. I value each day, and feel blessed, at how fortunate I am in my life.
Compared that is with so many others, who are less so.

I wonder if you personally, have ever found yourself in such a hopeless dilemma? One where, despite your very best efforts, solutions cannot be found?

For myself…… I have good reason to live each day to the fullest, and just to quietly pray, that ‘hard times’ in whichever form, don’t come calling any time soon!

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