The builders weren’t on site this morning!
I was somewhat surprised. Curiously, my mind began to seek a justifiable reason exactly as to why this might be the case?

Suddenly, a multitude of reasons then flashed through my mind.
Maybe, their alarm clock didn’t go off?
The job had gone wrong?
They hadn’t been paid?
Perhaps a site disagreement, had meant that they had all downed tools, and decided to walk?

Or just maybe, they had all been out celebrating the night before, and this had involved drinking one to many ‘jaeger bombs?’

And so, with this final plausible reason firmly in my mind, I happened to glance across at the roof beams, and saw this image!

It just seemed ironic to me, that this solitary abandoned workman’s jacket, somehow was replicating how it’s owner, might have been feeling at this exact time?

I wonder……if my assumption was in any way correct?

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