“Time out”

Where I live. I am fortunate enough to be relatively close to the sea-front in Southsea.
Here we have miles of open space and I frequently enjoy walking with my camera, the full length of the Promenade.

The walk begins from a location which we locals refer to as the ‘Eastney end’ from where it is a straight walk, right the way through to Clarence Pier.
All in all about 3 miles. So a good stroll for most ardent of walkers!
It is here that some may choose to stroll and maybe stop off for refreshments in the cafes along the way. Visit the swans on Canoe lake, stop off at South Parade Pier, which in walking terms, is deemed, the half way mark.

Many couples or families paddle in along the pebble shore, whilst others enjoy a swim. Many are content just sit in one of the many sun shelters, simply taking in exhilarating the sea air. This time of year though, some live 60s music at the bandstand is always a very popular choice.

What I have never quite grasped though, is why some people drive down to the beach in their cars. Park them up, and then stay sitting in them, for the duration of their visit.
With seats reclined, these seasoned parkers, wind open their car windows, and proceed to trawl tirelessly through a multitude of supplements!
Finally concluding with the main Sunday paper……”Tah-dah!”

Ah well. They say it takes all sorts eh?

Now then, despite everyone having made their own choice as to what they like to do best on a sunny Sunday, and believe me, their are a variety of pass times, from which to choose.

I note this particular young lady, completely alone. She was obviously determined today, to get away from the magnitude of people, who had by now, gathered in their hoards.
It was equally apparent, that she relished this specially chosen grassy spot. A place where she could curl up in comfort, and lose herself inside a much treasured book. To enjoy some glorious weather, some peace and quiet, and that rarest of things these days, some blessed isolation!

“And here endeth the first chapter”

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