“Look what I caught”

Today was one of those really special days. One quick phone call, saw us in the car, heading in the general direction of Southampton, for an afternoon with our son and his family!

After picking up the two older kids from school together, we then convoyed to the local Manor Farm Country Park.

Cars parked up, we headed across country, equipped with our buckets and nets, our crab fishing lines, and some fresh chopped gammon pieces for our bait!

A small pier to fish from, some safe shallow water and very soon, the competition was on!

Several crabs were easily foiled, and quickly ended up dancing in our buckets, their nippy little pincers raised, in an act of final defiance.

The sun was warm, as other families began to join us on the pier.
As with most popular wooded areas however, a number of local teens had turned up on their mountain bikes, and alcohol was soon in evidence.

That said, the youngsters who spoke with us, were both friendly and polite. Even if somewhat wobbly and repetitive, on occasions! “Ah to be young again eh?”

In fact, everyone present today, all managed to enjoy this time together.

Quite a few of the youngsters dived and swam today, taking full advantage of our present, ongoing, heatwave.

As we returned our captive crabs back to their watery home, we headed off along the trail, chatting and sharing in banter about our day.
Hunger by this time though, had become a major part of this conversation.
In essence though, the burning question on everyone’s lips was……….

“What are were having for our tea?”

Nearly back at the car park and our Kaden plunged his net into a fly infested shaded shallow pond. Then, on checking it’s content, he was surprised to find a couple of nearly fully developed newts! Now protected as a species.
He plunged his net again, and sure enough. there was yet another.
I snapped this photograph of the interest these tiny newts had suddenly generated.

This is exactly what kids enjoy I thought to myself!
It was wonderful, just to see my son, and his wife, having such a brilliant time together, simply enjoying a ‘no-cost’ afternoon out, with their three amazing, highly entertaining, children.

For the record, It was our Megan who caught the biggest crab of the day.
But she was not to be persuaded, in any way, shape or form, to retrieve it from the bucket and to hold it up for her prize winning photo-shoot!

Mind you it’s pincers were quite large!
But hey, what a ‘snap’ that would have made eh?

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