“On Tow”

I had stopped of at a place called Ford, quite near to Arundel recently. Arundel has the most beautiful Castle and a series of amazing Antique shops. The place is simply steeped, in myth and history.

I had parked up and was just heading off when I happened across this little unique Ford vintage motor car. Stranger still, it was being towed by an even smaller Ford motor car!

Obviously this somewhat humorous and unusual pairing, had generated a lot of interest from the many visitors that day.

I thought at the time this was something that you don’t see every day in Ford? Two other Fords, one slightly smaller, yet towing the larger of the two?
Anyway…….I digress!

You can imagine my utter surprise though, as I was taking this actual shot, the driver, who owned these vehicles suddenly arrived back!

He was actually only just over 3 inches tall!

Moreover, he just looked at me with an indignant stare, climbed into the smaller of the two vehicles, and simply drove off, pulling the other vehicle behind him!

Now I know I said that that Arundel, and it’s Castle are both surrounded by myth and history, but……

“If you believe that story….then you will believe anything!”

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