8 thoughts on “My Blog

    • Hello my friend. I think I am actually back in play thanks to the techs at Apple.
      I need to take my computer for a brief health check this riday, but touch wood I can start my blogging again.
      Just wanted to say thank you to you for taking the trouble to send me a message Carissa.
      I look forward to catching up with you again.

  1. Oh technology, what are we going to do with you?? Looking forward to seeing your shots from Dublin! Did you travel outside the city as well?

    • Hello my friend. Thank you for taking the trouble to express an interest in my Dublin photographs. I have decided that my Monday blog from now on, will feature colour photograph/s.

      I am now back on line and keen to get blogging again! So, in answer to your question. No, I didn’t get far from Dublin on this occassion, as I attended the Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championships.

      Hope you like the photos?

      I will be adding more but didn’t want to put too many up at first?

      Hope to speak again soon?

  2. How fascinating! What kinds of street performances were they? You certainly should post more fotos from that event. How does one get the opportunity to compete?

    Color is good, but it’s sometimes hard to keep the color photographs when black and white can look so much better…haha. Speaking of color, I should post some old fotos from a visit to Winkworth Arboretum. It was one of my favorite spots in England, especially during the fall. The color was brilliant that day!

    • Hello again my friend. The Street performers are selected from a variety of countries and as this is their livelihood, they rely only on contributions from the public audience. I shall be happy to put up some more shots now I have the information of exactly how to!
      It is held every year in Dublin and Cork and is attended by audiences of some 250, 000
      Your photos from England sound really nice…..I hope to see them sometime?
      Thanks for your kind comments, I enjoy this link very much.
      Speak soon

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