“Credit where Credit’s Due”

This little shot was taken in the brilliant sunshine in the village of Romsey.

It was special to me, inasmuch as the little girls image was reflected clearly in the shops window, as she stared longingly at a sweet little dress, displayed inside.

The mother on the other hand, was somewhat pre-occupied and awaiting a friend, who was already browsing.

But the thing which really made me smile was, that as all of this was taking place. The little guy in the pushchair, his left leg crossed casually over his right knee, was clutching what looked suspiciously like a credit card?
Because, even at his young age, it appears that shopping trips with the female of the species, just did not hold any true interest or appeal!

His demeanour to me though, looked so typically male. Tired, bored, disengaged. Sitting there with his little credit card in his hand. Waiting…….just waiting. Innocently acting out the role which may well be expected of him in his future life?

On a personal note, I have never yet got used to this shopping malarkey……..not ever!

8 thoughts on ““Credit where Credit’s Due”

  1. Lovely little moment you’ve captured. I learned to enjoy shopping at university once I realized it was the easiest way to get a pretty girl one on one. One car, one girl, and a shopping mall was all it took.

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