Whilst on one of my many early morning strolls along the Seafront in Southsea.
I noticed, albeit some distance away from me, this totally beautiful animal. He was alone and tied up with a piece of old string to a lamp post. I truthfully thought that he had been abandoned.

As I got closer to him his head bowed and his eyes narrowed, then he stood up and began to shake with uncontrollable excitement, purely at the prospect of a bit of attention.
He whined and he wiggled and displayed the sweetest little facial expression. One that could seriously melt your heart!

I quickly snapped this photograph of that initial moment, put away the camera, knelt down beside him, and just held his face, smoothed his ears and provided obviously welcomed pats to his back.
It was a treat to connect with this dog and just enjoy his expression of complete affection, and friendliness.

I looked around me, and soon realised, that his owner, was in actual fact not too far away at all, and was there fishing from the sea wall, taking advantage of the high tide, for mackerel and flat fish.
I enquired how he was doing and commented about how impressed I was with his dog. He was quick to reassure me that he was not at any time, ever left on his own. The pair, it would appear, were totally inseparable. He went on to explain that they actually went everywhere together, this included going to work in the firms van.

It was so good to know my assumption had been totally wrong, and that the dog was in no way abandoned. He was loved, he was well fed, he was healthy and he was so blatantly happy.
Apparently though, he just didn’t like fishing too much at all!

Eventually I continued on. But, as I walked away having just thanked the guy for our morning chat, and for having such a lovely natured animal. I looked back just a few seconds later, only to see that the dog had once again assumed his dejected pose, and abandoned posture.
Within no time at all, their were more dog lovers stopping to offer up the same attention to him as I had done, only moments earlier.

I don’t know if his owner got any catches that morning?……But this little deviant sure did!

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