One of my favourite secret pleasures these days, is to seek out a quiet public house, to order a pint of foaming ale, and to sit back, feel the warmth of the sun on my back, and just watch!

On this particular outing, I was attempting the crossword in my morning newspaper, savouring the peace and quiet, when out of nowhere, this little house sparrow decided to pay my table a visit.
Time was when you would see loads of these little birds, but it seems far less so these days.
He was curious to know if I had any crumbs to spare, but sadly, this was not the case!

He maintained a determined presence though, so feeling a bit guilty, I again entered the bar, deciding that a packet of potato crisps might fit the bill?
(No pun intended)

Then sure enough, as I returned to my seat, again he arrived and placed himself in the shade of an adjoining chair.

As I crushed up a crisp, quickly sprinkling it onto the cobbled ground beneath me, he began to peck hungrily at the crumbs.
And so, for a brief moment, I shared my lunch with the local wildlife.

Nothing special you might think? But I felt smugly pleased with myself, to have been selected by this little character.

“Life is made up of a series of moments. Personally, I really enjoyed this one”

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