“Hang on and I’ll check the Sat-Nav”

Taken in Italy on a recent holiday, this little girl was looking singularly unimpressed with the detailed directions being explained to her, by her big brother!

He on the other hand is enjoying the status, and was busy looking super cool, with his shades draped around his mouth?

As he continued to ramble on relentlessly I noted that she was anxiously trying to evade capture. She had been sitting attentively for some time prior to this engagement, but by now had lost all interest, as little sisters often do at her age!
It was at this point I could almost imagine her saying “Hang on and I’ll check the Sat-Nav”

Eventually though, with assistance from her Mum, she did manage to release her lap strap and get to run free a while. After this shot she took off chasing the pigeons, before the family of four inevitably settled down to a lunch together.

Ironically though, at the lunch table she was once again plonked into a kiddies chair, where she remained secured prior to receiving her food.

At least by then though her big brother had lost interest in explaining many of the finer points of his intended route.

As for the imaginary Sat-Nav ……Well luckily, that was no longer required!

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