“First Aid for feet”

As an ex Paramedic I still see it as my duty to lend a helping hand to anyone who may have sustained an unfortunate injury!

However, when walking through the town centre of Chichester recently, I chanced upon these three ladies. At first I had assumed that they were just resting up in the shade, and wisely protecting themselves, from the rays of the mid-day sun?

On closer inspection however, I noted one lady was resting her injured right foot, on the lap of the second.
I then spotted, somewhat strangely, that this second lady who was providing the comfort of her lap, was equally sporting a foot injury, this was also loosely supported by an ankle dressing?

The remaining, and obviously only able bodied of the three, was preparing a further dressing to be applied I had assumed to the elevated leg of the first casualty?

Whatever the situation was, I felt it best I take a shot and on this occasion not interfere.

Can’t really explain why!

I just knew that if I had offered my assistance. There was every chance that I equally, might not have had a leg to stand on!

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