Having just been delayed on our outbound flight from Southampton for some two hours, prior to our arrival at Dublin Airport. Then missing the courtesy coach excursion to our hotel.

I decided to just take a breather, decrease my stress levels and take some fresh air. Standing outside of the airport lounge, was therefore the ideal opportunity to do what I love to do best…..some real people watching!

After only a few moments had elapsed, I couldn’t help but notice this stunning young woman. She looked so pensive just relaxing there, in the hot summer sun. I thought then how individual and stylish she looked in her blue polka dot dress.
I was particularly taken though with her unique array of body art tattoos.
I thought they looked amazing against her brown tanned skin.

I understand that peoples views about what constitutes beauty will vary, but for me this was a powerful statement about her as a person. I then thought maybe I should tell her I had taken her picture?
But alas, when I looked up again from quickly checking to confirm I had actually got her image on camera…………..she was gone!

I wondered then if she might see this image someday? If indeed she does, then I just hope that she would be pleased with the end result?
I thought her image was so memorable, and that she was a very photogenic subject.

And so…… to you. The mystery young lady, seen sitting alone outside the Airport entrance of Dublin Airport.
Your’s was the first image I captured on touching down in Dublin.

Therefore, I felt that the least you deserved, was to be immortalised in my blog.

I hope that you got where you were going safely, and without delay.

Personally, I was delighted with this photograph, and just wanted to say…… “Safe home, and thanks a million!”

4 thoughts on ““Immortalised”

  1. A Fantastic shot and a very nice lady lost in his thoughts.
    You do the things in a correct way
    I think is better don’t ask before taking a candid portrait
    Maybe the subject lost innocence and compose the gesture for the camera.
    First shoot and if you want,, second asking. That is the sequence.

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