“Love Albert Road”

For a while, very near to where we lived previously, a very much loved community festival would take place on an annual basis.

This was called ‘Love Albert Road’

At one point the event attracted nearly 100,000 people from all over Hampshire.

Sadly though, a small percentage of revellers who attended one particular year, drank too much alcohol, and caused unnecessary problems for the police.
Understandably, this led the police then to demand thousands of pounds, to further Police this event, due in the main, to this recent rise in anti-social-behaviour issues. So sadly, and despite the organisers best efforts to try to arrange sponsorship, or to obtain help from the local council, it all sadly ended.

Poignantly, I happened to photograph this particular notice, which had appeared. This was pasted onto the gable end, of one of the many premises in the road, and therefore the lettering stood out more prominently, complimented by the bland, unpainted, stark concrete background.

Coincidentally, it was on the side of a building almost next door to what at one time used to be the actual police station for Albert Road! This is now a pub where punters drink alcohol. Ironic or what?

Our family are all ex-residents of Albert Road, and hold great affection for its traders, its residents and its unique originality.

Consequently, my daughter Jodie has this image framed, and on her living room wall, as a happy memory of this amazing initiative. It was then, and remains now, a credit to all of those who realised their vision.

“Enjoy the moment people. And remember. Nothing is forever”

6 thoughts on ““Love Albert Road”

    • Hello there. Firstly I couldn’t agree with you more its just such a shame when such events take so much hard work in their planning.
      Secondly thank you for visiting and leaving ‘ likes’ on my blog. It’s very much appreciated my friend

  1. Enjoyed visiting and will return when time allows. Quote I came across (today) that you may like; “Karma means: you don’t get away with nothin’ “- Ruth Denison

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