“Lost in thought”

I captured this photograph on the seafront opposite a popular venue for families known as canoe lake. There they have peddle boats, or you can go crabbing with the kids, or maybe feed the swans.
You can take a visit to the swings or splash about through the water park etc. Most of it is free, so therefore it is always well utilised.
Particularly in our current financial crisis, where so many young families are painfully strapped for cash!

Consequently, I love shots when people seem to be happily pre-occupied, or simply lost in their thoughts. With this young woman, this was most definitely, one of those times.

I often wish I were able to step into someone’s mind at times like these, and explore their innermost secrets. That would really be something now, wouldn’t it?

This young woman was looking out to sea with a very reflective quality of expression on her face.

I truly enjoy studying people in every day situations. Indeed, it’s a pursuit which I have never tired of over the years.

I wonder just what thoughts were going on at the time this photograph was taken?

Whatever these might have been, I guess we will never know?

However. I like to think that if her face were an indicator of how she may have been feeling, then they were mostly all good thoughts.

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