“Walks like a Pigeon”

Kids who walk pointing there feet inward, are often referred to as being pigeon toed!

I have since discovered that the world famous Babe Ruth intentionally ran the bases pigeon- toed because it was his belief, it helped him to run faster? Paris Hilton on the other hand has adopted her pigeon-toed stance to hide her size 11 feet.

However, and putting these earth shattering facts to one side.

There I was, just leaving the ever popular Cadburys chocolate shop at Gunwharf Keys.
I had been stocking up with some of my absolute favourite bars of dark ‘Rum and Raisin’ chocolate bars. When I chanced upon this little lad. He was grinning widely from ear to ear, as he mimicked quite brilliantly, the walking style of the pigeon directly in front of him.

Luckily for me, both he and the pigeon walked straight into frame.
So tucking the vital chocolate supplies under my arm, I quickly grabbed this shot.

This little guy was so engrossed, that despite being called for by his mother, he simply continued to follow this bird along the mall. Much to the amusement, I hasten to add, of the many local shoppers.

I think the pigeon quite enjoyed this attention, as he never looked like he wanted to take flight at any time. Despite being tailed relentlessly by this little stranger.

I like the expression on the little lads face. He was totally caught up in the moment!
I think it would be fair to say, that both the pigeon, and his little persuer, equally enjoyed their brush with the local wildlife!

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