“Farewell my little friend”

Today is a sad day in our household. It was today we had to say farewell to the eldest of our pet cats, ‘Luka’

She was in every sense of the word a lady of elegance and impeccably, and fastidiously clean.
She lived to the ripe old age of twenty years, and has seen us all grow older, and faced many changes and challenges with us, as a family.

It is never easy when our family pets get old, and we know in our hearts that the kindest thing we could do for them, would be to take them to the vet, and face the gut wrenching, emotional choice, of agreeing to have them put peacefully to sleep.

Well, today as a family, we faced this very choice!
And, after deep discussion with our vet, her advice was exactly that which we had dreaded.

We were informed that her kidneys were failing, and that she was deeply dehydrated.
In the vets honest opinion, it would be the right thing to do, and indeed the kindest for ‘Luka’
The nurse and the vet initially anaesthetised her, and then she was returned to me in her extremely soporific state, then sympathetically, I was given time to say my final farewell.
Then after a further, respectable and dignified discussion, the vet sought my permission to send her on her journey.

Yes, it hurt, and yes I felt upset at having made this awful decision. But, for ‘Luka’, It was a peaceful, pain free passing. Conducted with consideration, thoughtfulness, and most importantly, genuine empathy.

It was also my decision to return her home to her family, where she was buried in one of her favourite little spots in the garden. Close enough for us to speak with her should we need to. And I sense that secretly we probably all will at some time.

Although I remain convinced this was the right thing to do. She will be sadly missed by us all.

“Farewell my little friend, run free now, run free!”

8 thoughts on ““Farewell my little friend”

  1. I can understand your feelings, Bob, we have a cat too. “Yes, it hurt, and yes I felt upset at having made this awful decision. But, for ‘Luka’, It was a peaceful, pain free passing…” You have helped her 20 years…

    • Hi there. I was unsure whether or not to put this story and picture up tonight onto my blog.
      But do you know what? Your kind, reassuring words have actually helped.
      So thank you so much for taking the trouble.
      Take Care my friend

  2. Oh Bob, I’m so sorry. This is the hardest thing and the one we all know we’ll have to face one day. You and your family gave Luka love and a wonderful life. It is such a hard bargain, you know? We get them for a bit, but we always know what will someday come. Here’s a post I wrote when we had to put our beloved Daisy to sleep. Maybe it will give you some small comfort.


    And then two weeks after Daisy, we had to say good-bye to our marmalade kitty, Missy. It was a rough summer.

    I’ve got tears in my eyes just thinking about how you and your family are feeling right now.

    • Hello Carissa. As I just explained to another friendly blogger, I was truthfully unsure if I should put this little blog up tonight.
      But then felt it was something I should do. To kind of mark the passing.
      I have just shown my wife your beautiful poem, and shared your very kind thoughts. Personally, for me, It’s nice to know I have been fortunate to have connected with you as a person, and fortunately as an animal lover as well!
      Please believe me when I say, that your considerate words, and your warm friendship, has been well received this evening.
      Hope it hasn’t raised too many sad thoughts for you personally? Just you look after yourself, and bless you for taking the trouble to share your own unforgettable experiences.
      It’s reassuring when you know that someone really can relate to how much of an impact one little black and white feline can make on a family!
      Warm regards Carissa, you have a lovely heart.

    • Morning Bill, thank you for your thoughtful words my friend. I am sure ‘Luka’ will be around the place in some way or another, for quite a while. The grand kids are the ones who felt it the most. But I admit it definitely hit me as well! Take care buddy Bob

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