“Stepping Stones”

Took this shot the other day, after I had decided to take a bike ride along the front.

The weather this particular day was hot, very sunny, and the water looked dead calm.

The beach itself, was packed with the usual suspects.
Children skimming stones, mums and dads sizzling nicely in the heat. Pet dogs being walked along the waters edge. All tugging frantically, barking loudly, and panting furiously.

I had literally just pulled over to grab a mouthful of water, when I observed this young guy in the shot. He had previously been swimming out from the shore and just climbed up onto one of the many sea defence blocks.

I took out the camera from my back pack and lined my lens up. I was hoping to get an action shot, maybe get one of him diving back in?
However, he obviously had other plans, and ended up standing there for ages! He was obviously relishing his conquest.

Truth be known, I personally think that he was maybe hoping to impress some of the young ladies sunbathing back on dry land? Or maybe thinking of a way he might further demonstrate his prowess as a swimmer? Whatever the case, I couldn’t wait around and so I captured this image, and rode on.

Back home I downloaded this shot, along with some others I had managed to capture that day. It was only then that I realised, that I had somehow changed one of the the settings for the picture size?

I immediately thought to myself, should people like this shot, then I will claim that it had of course, intended it should be taken that way to improve the vista?
But, me being an honest sort of a guy, felt I should really just put my hands in the air, and ‘fess up!’

I only hope that I can make a similar mistake like this one again! As for once, I can honestly say that I had seemed to actually capture an image that bore remarkable similarities, to those which I had imagined in my minds eye.

“Funny old game this photography malarkey….eh?”

10 thoughts on ““Stepping Stones”

  1. Really striking image, Bob. Being a snapper who crops rather than someone who knows how to use a camera, my curiosity is pricked to wonder what a cropped version of this image would also look like.

    • Hello Tish, thank you again for your encouraging comments.
      It’s nice of you to take the time.
      Regarding cropping. I would happily try this.But, how much? That is the question?
      Let me know, I would be curious to see the end result as well!

      • Yes, I tried it on the screen and it’s not as easy as I first thought because of the ship. What about a series of overlain images, just to play of course – it’s the idea of the stepping stones that’s particularly fascinating.

      • Don’t know that I am that proficient Tish. But it sounds like it would be an interesting project? Thank you for showing such interest. Hope that you are well my friend? Bob

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